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    Moving to Manhattan is such a special and thrilling idea. Unfortunately, it comes with many challenges. Having trustworthy movers will make all the difference. At Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC we have decades of experience in New York relocations and will help your stress-free relocation. We are so proud of many of our satisfied customers. If you decided to make your home in Chelsea, you should know that you are safe with our Chelsea movers. We will answer all your questions and help you to enjoy your move. So wait no more, contact us today and start making a plan.

    View at the city across the river at the night - Chelsea movers
    Relocating in the Big Apple is stress-free with one of the best Chelsea moving companies

    Three decades of experience at your service

    At Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC we care deeply for our customers. Having in mind that the best marketing strategy is having happy and satisfied customers, we are here to help fulfill all your moving wishes and to make a unique experience with your relocation. Although our company became one of the leading ones in the New York area, our mission stayed the same. The years of experience only made us want to give more to our clients. We believe that when it comes to our moving services:

    • Our customers don’t have to choose between quality and affordability;
    • We can make a solution for every situation and are ready to change the approach until we find the perfect fit;
    • Transparency is so important to us. Our clients always know in advance what to expect;
    • We are proud of our team, whose professionals are well trained and equipped to approach every move with the highest efficiency.

    Our movers in Chelsea are at your service

    Whether you are about to experience relocation for the first time or you’ve already done it a few times, moving is always time-consuming and also emotional. There are so many lists and decisions to make and in that period always seems like time flies quicker. Having a reliable team of professionals who will be there to help you with all the details never should be underestimated. Even though you already live in the New York area, have in mind that local moving still has the same challenges as any relocation does. Our Chelsea movers will make your experience lighter and your moving smooth.

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    Professional packing is just one of the services you can use

    We are offering just what you need

    There are so many things to think about when it comes to moving. And also, there is often a tight timeline. To many people, that is just too much stress. And no one wants to add tension to his life. When you engage our professionals, be sure that your worries will be minimized. You are the star of the show, and we want you to feel safe and seen. Ask all the questions you have, but also, let our team get to know your specific situation. According to your preferences, we will help you make a moving plan that works the best. You can decide on the things you want to do by yourself and those you want to forward to us.

    Packing services at your disposal

    Some things can come up along the way. You can decide to pack your belongings by yourself. But then, you realize that you are just not sure if you packed them well or you just don’t know if you use the right material. Do not stress out, just add the service of packing & unpacking to your list of what you prefer from your movers. You will come to your new home with everything placed where it should be. Just imagine how wonderful that will be!

    Chelsea has so much to offer

    The borough of Chelsea is located on the West Side of Manhattan, between Midtown and Greenwich Village. This is an awesome area to stay in if you love to be in the center, but out of the craziness, that city of New York is known for. Located perfectly, so you can easily explore the city. It combines the best of urban and residential life. There are many coffee shops, restaurants, and parks.

    What is Chelsea known for

    The variety of food options are many and diverse. One of the things this area is known for is the Chelsea food market where you could find foods from all over the world. It also contains Chelsea Historic District which contains many architectural jams. One of the oldest buildings is St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. There is the Greek Revival Church, which is now used as a rectory and the third famous building is the Linda Gross Theater. Just imagine yourself walking those streets which exude history.

    assorted vegetables
    Famous Chelsea food market is at your disposal

    The place of culture

    Like that is not enough, Chelsea is known for its cultural scene. There are art galleries, but also many places for entertainment. The diversity of events is so great, that you will never be bored in Chelsea. One evening you can enjoy the buzz of a new play and the other comedy show. Ballet performance, rap shows, the list of eclectic offers just goes on and on. So help our Chelsea movers get you there as soon as possible.

    Few clicks away from your dream place with Chelsea movers

    Now that you can imagine yourself there, and you are filled with excitement, don’t let the moving process disrupt your joy. You will benefit from help in making that bridge from where you are now to where you dream to be. Get in touch with our team at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC. As one of the best moving companies, we are here to help you enjoy your relocation. Let us take all the burden off your shoulders. Contact today our Chelsea movers and give them all the details of your case. Help us get to know all the specifics of your move, so we could make the best moving experience for you. Ask for a free quote and start your new life as soon and as easily as possible. Even if you are not a believer, let us show you how smoothly moving looks like.

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