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Moving farther out of the city? Or from Long Island? Ben Hur Moving and Storage of New York provides a full range of services to Long Island and vicinity. We offer a variety of moving and storage services, and we handle both local and long-distance moving, including en route pickups for our NYC clients. We provide residential and commercial moving services and solutions.

Professional Relocation Service

Ben Hur offers complete relocation services, with each move tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in Long Island. Our Relocation Consultant will design a comprehensive plan, which will satisfy all of your moving requirements and give you the most of our services for the best price.

Our professional service may include:


  • Exclusivity: Our expert moving crew and truck we assign will be focused solely on your move from start to finish.
  • Multiple insurance choices: From full value to released value protection, we have your moving insurance covered.
  • Extra storage: Our local storage units offer a convenient place to keep your extra items giving you time to decide where you want them.
  • Safety: All of our trucks are equipped with the latest safety features and moving equipment.
  • Optional Packing: Add this service and we will quickly and carefully pack and unpack all or part of your items.
  • Furniture Protection: Ben Hur provided furniture pads will ensure that your furniture arrives safely and scratch free.

Competitive Rates

Ben Hur gives greater importance to long-term clients than to short-term profits. Our rates are highly competitive and encourage clients to check other movers in Long Island and ensure we are the best deal. We provide, upon request, all-inclusive binding estimates and guarantee it in writing, thus enabling you to work within a budget. We know NYC and have had over 30 years of experience with it, we know what to expect and suggest.

On-Time Service

Ben Hur will perform your move within your requested time frame.

  • Always available: We are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available at a moment’s notice for estimates and moves. Our service is reliable and punctual.
  • Meet requests: We give great attention to our customers’ moving time requirements and requests.
  • Extremely flexible: We are fully aware of the many factors involved is selecting a specific moving date and time, such as lease expirations, customers’ work schedules, restrictions by buildings’ management, and young kids.

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