Long Island City vs Astoria – which one do artists prefer living in

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    What if you have an option to choose between Long Island City and Astoria? As an artist, where would you prefer to live? The decision wouldn’t be easy. Both places are nice. And each of those neighborhoods has its own, unique charm. Both neighborhoods are located in northwest Queens. Moreover, they share the same border. So, before deciding Long Island City vs Astoria, it is good to hear a bit about both neighborhoods. Considering the pros and cons could help you to decide. Once you are sure where you would like to live, you can hire some of the best moving companies NYC to move you there.

    Living in Queens

    Just across the East River, looking from Manhattan, you will find Queens. For many, this is one of the most enchanting boroughs in the City. It has impressive views of the NYC skyline. There you will also find some of the best museums in the city. And you will never get bored of visiting them. Besides, more than half residents are coming from other countries. This is a reason that Queens has an amazing choice of food. And, it has two neighborhoods that the artists like the best: Long Island City and Astoria.

    After choosing between Long Island City vs Astoria, you can visit the globe at the fountain of the World's Fair Playground in Queens, NY.
    The globe at the fountain of the World’s Fair Playground in Queens, NY.

    Costs of living in Long Island City vs Astoria

    Housing costs in Long Island City and Astoria do not differ so much. The Median house price in Astoria is about &977,000. In Long Island City, the same size home would cost you about $952,000. However, the rental prices are different. Renting the same size apartment in Astoria is about $2,500, while in Long Island City it is about $3,500. However, the rental prices in part of Astoria bordering the Long Island City, are the same as late. Due to the similarity in living costs, very often you can find those two neighborhoods presented as one.

    The median home price in Queens is a bit lower than &700,000. The rental price is $ 2,300. So both Astoria and Long Island City are having higher accommodation prices than Queens. Regardless of which one you choose, you can count on Long Island city movers to safely bring you to your new home.

    Long Island City vs Astoria – Proximity to Manhattan

    Being in the proximity of Manhattan, you can easily reach it from both neighborhoods. You can use a subway or a ferryboat. Both rides are rather short. In about 15 minutes, you will reach the Downtown. So, the way of traveling will depend just on your preferences.

    As an artist, you will have numerous places to visit in both neighborhoods. However, from time to time, you will also like to visit Manhattan and attend some gallery openings. Or to attend a theater play. You can easily do this by living in one of these two places.

    In case you can’t afford a big apartment, here is a solution

    Whether you move to Long Island City or Astoria, you can still find the apartments too expensive. So, you will have two solutions. You can move in with a roommate. Or you can rent a smaller and cheaper apartment. In that case, you can contact one of the best moving and storage Queens companies. They will help you accommodate the surplus of your items at their reliable and affordable storage facilities. 

    People standing in front of an modern painting.
    Contemporary art exhibition in a museum.

    Long Island City art scene

    Long Island City has emerged as a destination of choice for those who love contemporary art. Moving to this neighborhood, you can find several art places to join.

    Long Island City Artists

    Established in 1986, this non-profit organization is a creative hub for artists coming from different cultures. They are also expressing their art in numerous styles and media. The LIC Artists are organizing public events and exhibits, where you can present your works.

    5Pointz Aerosol Art Center

    This is an outdoor art exhibit space. You can always join this world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca.” As a canvas, those artists are using the walls of the 200,000-square-foot abandoned factory building.

    MoMA PS1

    This can also be an attractive association for you to join. It is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit contemporary art institutions in the USA. As of 2000, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center is an affiliate of The Museum of Modern Art. So, this can also present an excellent place for you to exhibit your art pieces.

    Long Island City Sculpture Center

    Established in 1928, the center is dedicated to innovative developments in contemporary sculpture. If that is the right art media for you, moving to Long Island City is the right for you. And local movers Queens NY will move both you and your artwork, as they have skilled crews for such a service.

    Dorsky Gallery

    Here, you will find the possibility of promoting contemporary visual arts to a broad public audience.

    A contemporary art sculpture in a museum.
    There are various ways to express your creativity living in Long Island City or Astoria.

    Astoria art scene

    Here is the list of the places where the artists can join, work and exhibit their artworks in Astoria.  

    The Noguchi Museum

    The Museum is housed in an abandoned industrial building. It was opened in 1985 by internationally renowned, Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi. It is also connected to the interior garden of Noguchi’s design. The museum is hosting numerous art exhibitions.

    Socrates Sculpture Park

    The area is specifically designed to provide artists with opportunities to create and exhibit large-scale work. It is, as well, encourages strong interaction between artists, and the public. It was established in 1980 when a group of artists turned an abandoned landfall into an exhibit space.

    In case Astoria looks like an interesting place for you, don’t hesitate to give a call to Astoria NY movers. That way, Astoria will soon become your home.

    The Museum of the Moving Image

    This museum is considered one of the finest the NYC. The place is attractive to children and adults alike. It also presents a unique exhibit in the entire USA, with more than 400 films. They are a unique mix of classic and contemporary achievements. So, this amazing museum has something for everyone. It will be very interesting for you in case you aspire to find a job in the moving pictures industry.

    Long Island City vs Astoria is not easy to distinguish, as they have many things in common

    Although Long Island City and Astoria are two different neighborhoods, it is hard to find the border between them in reality. They have so many things in common. A lot of times, they are considered one neighborhood. Even the museums and exhibition places are not clearly differentiated. So, for an artist, deciding of living in Long Island City vs Astoria is not an easy job. But, regardless of which one of them you choose, you will be close to the amenities of both of them.



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