Long-Distance Moves and How NYC Movers Make Them Simple

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Moving is already a cumbersome and stressful experience. Tack on hundreds of miles from your current place to your new one and the stress level ratchets up a few notches! Long-distance moves take a significant amount of planning and consideration for logistics—not to mention patience and organization. For these reasons and more, it’s best to work with long-distance movers.

Simply put: long-distance movers simplify all the things that make these types of moves stressful. They can help you plan, prepare, coordinate and execute a move, whether it’s to the next state over or across the country. They bring experience and know-how to a situation that not many people are very familiar with. In a word, long-distance movers are invaluable.

Here’s a look at exactly what a long-distance moving company in NYC can do for you and why it makes sense to hire one as soon as you know you’ll be relocating.

Logistics and planning

How are you going to get your grand piano from Point A to Point B? What special considerations do you need to make for your art if you’re transporting it 800 miles? How many trucks do you need to get your entire estate moved in one fell swoop? These aren’t answers you’re probably going to have off the top of your head! Right away, the value of a long-distance mover becomes evident.

Beyond figuring out how to get you from New York City to Santa Fe or figuring out how much stuff you need to transport, a long-distance mover is going to pay attention to the details that really matter. Some considerations they’re uniquely qualified to answer include:

  • Transportation for large and oversized items (safes, pianos, pool tables)
  • Proper packaging and transport for sensitive items (art, fragile, documents)
  • Route mapping and transportation schedules
  • Insurance for long-distance relocation of items
  • Proper licensing for drivers cross state lines to deliver items

As with any move, the objective is to get your belongings from here to there. Doing is safely and smoothly over a great distance is where long-distance moving companies shine!

Heavy lifting (literally!)

The last thing most people want to do is drive a huge distance—hundreds or even thousands of miles—get out of the car, stretch their legs and start unpacking boxes. Travel takes it out of you! After traveling for a long-distance move, leave the unpacking and coordinated move-in to professionals who can do it better, faster and more efficiently than you ever could. You’ll save yourself the hassle and the energy of trying to tackle this monumental task right after you’ve traveled a great distance.

Focus on what matters most

If you’re moving a long way away from where you currently reside, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Finding a new doctor’s office. Figuring out where the nearest grocery store is. Enrolling the kids in a new school. All these things demand time and attention, and you need to focus your energy on them instead of worry about the broader move.

Handing off your moving concerns to a long-distance moving company in NYC means being able to focus your time, effort and energy on what matters: the little things. Instead of getting wrapped up in packing or coordinating an unload, you can make sure all the other essential factors of your move are covered. Paying movers really means paying for peace of mind and the clarity you deserve when undertaking a cross-country or long-distance relocation.

What to consider before hiring a long-distance moving company

Before you hire long-distance movers, it’s best to do as much legwork as you can to give yourself peace of mind before a move. You don’t need to do any heavy lifting—just make sure your priorities are in order and your timetable is mapped out. Then, you can discuss the specifics with a mover who will be flexible to your needs.

Here’s a look at some of the simplest things you can do to make preparing for a long-distance move easy.

  1. Spend time in organizing your items: Before you begin packing, take some time to organize your items. Grouping them into rooms and like-item types will make your time spent packing much easier. If you’re having movers wrap up your furniture make sure you’ve left plenty of room for their work. Organize boxes and keep all the things you’ll need right away in your new place in a separate container. Try marking the boxes with different colors of tape or stickers to easily understand which room the box is for.
  2. Make a checklist: Making a checklist as you organize and pack is an excellent plan to give you a baseline when you get to your new home. This way, you won’t have to open every box to find that can opener you’re looking for! Creating a list of your belongings will also help set aside any fears you might have of losing personal items. Don’t forget to translate that list to a box. Number your boxes and put what room they are from!
  3. Pack properly: Keep heavy boxes smaller, as you’d hate to pack a box and learn it’s immovable. Boxes from liquor stores are great for this, as they are just the perfect size for books and other heavy items. Double wrap some of your more fragile items and pack them with your bedding to add extra cushion. Use cardboard over TV screens or frames to help fend off any brush-ups they may receive during transport. There are numerous packing tips online; don’t hesitate to search for a solution if you can’t find one!

It’s also a good idea to collect any documents and other important items you might need before leaving town. Stop by the courthouse, DMV or your kids’ school for any records you can collect and take with you.

Then, when you’re confident that you’ve got everything prepped and ready, schedule a consult with a mover. Make sure you walk them through everything you’ve done so far, discuss and special services you might need and get a written quote for your long-distance move. A week before your move, you should have everything set and ready to go!

Tips to make a cross country move cheaper

Looking for a few quick-hitter tips that will help you keep the cost of hiring cross-country movers as low as possible? Here are some amazing pieces of advice that will help you to save money or cut costs while you are taking up a long-distance move.

  • Moving for work? See if your new job will cover some or all of your moving expenses.
  • Get rid of excess clutter by donating to charity or throwing out unwanted items.
  • Moving during the offseason or outside of peak times could save you 20-30%!
  • See if a moving company can combine your move with another long-distance one.
  • Use boxes and packing supplies secondhand if they’re in good condition.
  • Take out an insurance rider or check to see that your moving company has insurance.
  • Set and stick to a budget and check it every step of the way to keep yourself on-track.

Moving long-distance is a big deal and not something you should have to do on your own. Hire long-distance movers and leave the heavy lifting, logistics and considerations to experts who have the experience, know-how and reputability to make your move as simple as it should be.

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