Local Moves Still Benefit From Professional Movers

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Most people think that, because they’re only moving across down or a few miles away, that they don’t need a professional mover. What’s the point of hiring movers when your new place is only 20 minutes from your old one? Unfortunately, this is the wrong frame of mind. While distance does matter for moves, instead, think about the effort it takes to completely relocate your life from one place to another. It doesn’t matter if your new place is 20 minutes away or half a country away—it’s still a ton of work! Work that’s best left to the professionals.

The best decision you can make for a local move is to hire a reputable moving company that will make this daunting task an easy affair. Below, we’ll go into some of the benefits of working with local movers in NYC and why they’re almost always worth the money.

Why hire a local mover? Here are the benefits!

Moving is stressful. There’s no getting around it! packing up your entire life into boxes and bags and relocating it from one place to another is a major disruption to your life. That, and the process happens over several days (or even weeks). It’s okay to ask for help—it’s why professional movers exist!

For local moves, there’s a lot of value in working with professionals—especially in urban areas and big cities like NYC. Here’s why:

  • Local movers know the area better than anyone else, which means being able to transport your belongings from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently. You’ll avoid sitting in traffic or waiting for your stuff to show up. And, most important, the less time involved in the actual move, the fewer the opportunities for something to break, go missing or become damaged.
  • Multiple trips are less expensive when everything is local. For long distance moves, everything needs to happen right away, all at once, in one shot. Local moves can be drug out over a few days if needed, and you won’t end up paying exorbitant fees to have a truck go back and forth a few times. It’s a win-win for people moving: less stress and a lower price.
  • In urban areas especially, you’ll absolutely want movers to handle the walk-down and walk-up of items to apartments and condos above the first or second floor. You might think you’re saving a few bucks by moving your own furniture, but is it really worth it if you damage it on the way up or down? Local movers might be the best investment you can make if you’ll be going up and down multiple flights for your move.
  • Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean your life comes to a grinding halt! For local moves especially, you’ll have to maintain a relatively regular schedule (work, school, errands) during your move. Hiring local movers allows you to delegate this task to professionals while you focus on adapting your life to the upcoming relocation.

As you can see, the benefits of hiring local movers add up fast. Moving is already stressful—just because you’re moving close to home doesn’t mean that stress disappears! In fact, a local move might be even more stressful in some cases!

Chat with a local mover about your needs

One of the best things about working with a local mover is the flexibility that comes with a move that’s close by. You can start planning weeks in advance to get your moving date on the calendar, and your choice in moving company can make sure all necessary resources and equipment are set aside. When moving day comes, everything will go off without a hitch!

You can also utilize storage for local moves—something that long-distance movers might not have the ability to offer. For example, if you want to store some of your furniture or offseason clothing before a move, you can. You’ll get it out of your current abode and into storage, where it can stay until you’re ready to move it into your new place. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, and you’ll find that a staggered move is less stressful than an all-out one-and-done relocation.

And, of course, working with a local mover means getting access to all the stuff you’ll need pre-move. No more salvaging boxes from work or trying to find enough towels to pack all your dishware. Find a local mover, tell them what packing supplies you need, ask their advice on packing and get the process started as quickly as possible!

Make moving simple

Even local moves can be deceptively stressful. It’s often not until moving day that most people realize how arduous the task of moving actually is—no matter the distance from old to new. It’s worth it to hire a local mover in NYC and make moving as simple and seamless as possible! When moving day comes and your stress is minimal, you’ll see just how good of an investment a local mover really is.

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