Living in small apartment in Harlem – how to store extra items

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    Many people know Harlem as one of the most iconic areas of NYC. It has a rich cultural and political history which both made the neighborhood well-known globally. Set within the Manhattan borough but creates a certain contrast from within. It helps further define the diverse culture of the city. The contrast is mostly embodied in housing prices. They traditionally remain much more affordable in Harlem than in the rest of the city, especially in Manhattan. The space is tight, just like in the rest of the borough, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself living in small apartment in Harlem after moving to the neighborhood. While some people invent creative ways to store extra items, others go and hire services from professionals, such as Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC. Stay with us as we go delve into ideas and smart solutions for clearing up space in your Harlem apartment.

    Harlem’s affordable housing attracts many people looking to move to NYC

    Moving to Harlem sounds appealing to many people, especially those moving to the city for the first time. Affordable housing attracts ambitious people and sets them to begin their chapter in NYC. Whether you are moving to the city for the first time, or just changing neighborhoods, you should hire professional movers. After reaching out to some of the movers Harlem NYC offers, you’ll get a solid idea of what to expect.

    Consider hiring professional movers

    People living in other parts of NYC may think they are well familiar with their home city, but that’s not always the case. Moving requires special equipment and many steps of preparation before the moving day. You might consider doing some things yourself, such as packing. It all depends on the weight, amount, and type of items you plan to move. Some things may just be placed into boxes and carried in your trunk.

    On the other hand, fragile items, furniture, and heavy household appliances may be a bit harder to move. Assess your situation, but also don’t hesitate to consult with professionals before making the final choice.

    family ready for living in small Harlem apartment
    Professional movers will help you get started in your small Harlem apartment.

    How to get the most from living in small apartment in Harlem?

    Trying to fit into your own apartment can be frustrating. But, they don’t say that New Yorkers spend most of their time outside for no reason. Tight living space, a characteristic of the whole of Manhattan is a result of several things. The mix of high demand for real estate and the life dynamics imposed by the city is not easy on anyone’s budget. However, Harlem doesn’t fit there entirely as the housing is much more affordable, but the space remains a bit tight. That’s why many people opt for storing some of their belongings in one of the storage facility NYC offers. It’s a convenient and easy way to keep whatever you like, but without losing much-needed space in your apartment.

    What things you shouldn’t keep in your small Harlem apartment?

    If you plan to move and live in a small apartment in Harlem, here’s what you should know. You should get used to the idea that you won’t be able to fit your whole life into your apartment. Clothes for all seasons, a bunch of memorabilia, and dysfunctional furniture may be tricky to store altogether in your apartment. Instead, you should attempt to be rational when organizing space and create a balance between personal artifacts and functionality at your place.

    At the same time, trying to build a personal café in your small Harlem apartment might also be a bad idea. While most people like to enjoy some kind of a morning brew to start their day, you should consider getting one outside. You’ll get the chance to meet your neighbors and the local bar scene. There’s no need to get rid of every smaller kitchen appliance, but one coffee maker should be enough.

    coffee pouring into cups
    Consider having a cup of coffee outside, and meeting some people around the neighborhood.

    How to prepare items for storage?

    You can decide to store your items in one of the storage facilities short, mid, or long-term. It all depends if you are moving, decluttering, or renovating your home. Some packing rules apply to all scenarios, but you should also address some differences.

    Preparing clothes for storage

    Off-season clothes are a great first choice when decluttering. It’s something we rarely pay attention to, especially winter clothes during hot weather. Still, winter clothes are so chunky, that a few pieces can easily eat up the whole closet. That’s why storing winter clothes can be a convenient way of creating more space while living in small apartment in Harlem.

    Consider buying plastic bins and boxes with lids and handles. They are excellent for storing clothes, and you can reuse them many times. Make sure you clean and press everything you plan to store. Depending on how long you intend to store them, you could approach them differently. For example, vacuum bags are great when storing short-term. However, a vacuum can damage the fibers if left inside for too long. Additionally, not all clothes are equally resistant to vacuum. Try to take all of this into account before deciding how to pack your winter clothes.

    woman looking at a list in her small harlem apartment
    Living in your small Harlem apartment requires a solid plan for decluttering.

    Storing special equipment and musical instruments while living in small apartment in Harlem

    Musical instruments should be broken down into as many parts as available. Make sure you clean every part of it and use specialized cleaners. Home cleaners can damage musical instruments and you should avoid using them. If you don’t like parting with your instruments and want to get involved with the local scene that persists through decades, you’ll find like-minded people in no time.

    If you’re uncertain about what’s the best way to pack any other special equipment, don’t hesitate to consult with employees at some of the storage facilities in NYC. Only pick storage facilities that provide climatized storage units, which can help protect all of your belongings long-term. Don’t risk damaging your items in an attempt to make living in small apartment in Harlem more enjoyable. Make plans and consult with trained professionals, whatever you do.


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