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How to Unpack Your Belongings at Your New home

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Wondering what to tackle first when it comes to unpacking and organizing your belongings at your new home? The best way to successfully unpack all of your belongings at your new home is to have a plan well in advance. Here are a few handy tips that will make your task much easier and quicker.

  • Make sure you have a copy of the inventory list. This piece of paper is provided to you by your mover. After the move, use the list to confirm that everything has reached the destination completely and in one piece.
  • Unpack some of the essential items first that you will need in the first couple of days. These items might include toilet paper, bath towels, trash bags, scissors, pair of clothes, vacuum, broom, dustpan and bed sheets.
  • Make sure that larger items, such as beds, tables, dressers and other solid piece of furniture are moved to their respective rooms first. You can then start unpacking the smaller items.
  • When movers unload your boxes, make sure all of the boxes and furniture are placed where they are meant to be. This will facilitate the unpacking process. Otherwise, you will have to move boxes and furniture around the house to their place.
  • There are some boxes you will not need to unpack right away. It is important to open every box to make sure you don’t need something out of it. This will also give you chance to consolidate boxes that need to be put into storage.
  • For that extra stuff that you don’t need immediately, you can hire storage units  to keep your stuff safe from any damage.

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