How to store toys after moving

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Often when a person decides to move, start understanding how many things hold that are not useful anymore. So that is the moment when using a storage space just comes up as a perfect solution. But let’s go to the first thing you have to do when you decide to move. Our best advice is to get some moving helpers NYC if you are in that area. And once you find them they will be able to find solutions for every challenge you have, even on how to store toys after moving.

Do you know how to find the movers that suit you?

There are so many moving companies on this blooming market. So you have to take time and decide which company will support your relocation the best. Look for some local moving companies NYC. That is so practical since you’ll be able to go to their office for an initial interview and see how they actually operate. Also, they are very well familiar with your neighborhood and will know just the specifics of it, the best ways to approach it, and if there is a traffic jam.

moving company men
You have to find a great moving company.

Great movers will be able to offer you a great storage space you can rent. The thing with storage is that you can decide for how long you will use it and how large your unit should be. And there are options that are not expensive and that could be very convenient for you. So be sure to ask what is self storage NYC if you want to put their stuff at your own pace and have all the time you need.

What you should know after the moving

When you are moving, you have to prepare well. But that doesn’t mean that you should prepare only for the move. You should be also prepared for the adjustment period after the move. Like, if you are moving to Manhattan, you should realize what are the things no one told you about moving to Manhattan. And you should prepare your family members, too. If you have kids, make arrangements with them how you will store toys after moving.

Let’s see some ideas on how to store toys after moving

All parents around the world have the same challenge: how to deal with kids’ toys. And if you want to avoid crawling around midnight trying to find all pieces of plastic, continue reading this. The key to every great organization is to have a system. When you involve kids, we should find one that works for them and is natural for them as much as possible. The idea is to find a system that is so great that they actually want to clean them up.

how to store toys
Read some ideas on how to store toys after moving.

Edit all toys

So the one thing that works so well when moving is to declutter. This is the thing that works for all parts of your home, and also for toys. So sit down with your kids and let them help you decide the toys they love and play with and ones that they outgrew or just don’t use. This can be such a valuable lesson for them. You will be able to teach them not to get attached to the things they don’t use and also they will be part of the moving process. Have in mind that you also have to lead by example. Show them how you decluttered your things first.

Edit all toys.

After you together decide what are the toys that they will keep, you can divide the rest into three categories. In the first one will be the toys that are new or used for very little and you can sell them. The second is the category of the toys you will donate. And get attention to the chance you have how wonderful is for them to give something to others without expecting anything back. The rest you could recycle. Those are probably broken toys that are of no use for anyone anymore.

Limit the number of each kind of toys you will keep

Declare them the number of every kind of toys they can keep. It is scientifically proven that if they have too many items of the same sort, kids tend to play with them for just a few minutes and then continue to other. Because they easily get overwhelmed. So let them keep only a few different puzzles, a few cans of Play-Doh, and so on.

Don’t keep original packages

The majority of toys that come in original packages almost never again fit back perfectly. The same applies to block, building sets, and pretend play items. Recycle cardboard and plastic boxes. And then you can decide to get some larger boxes where they can pack the same kind of toys. Label them so it makes it easy for kids to put them back when they pack them. You could also use bins if that suits you better. Also, have in mind that there are theories that claim that you can allow kids to pack toys of a different kind together because it can wake up their creativity and help them combine different kinds of toys together.

Store toys after moving with ease and fun

Many homes in New York City are not that spacious and you will have to take care that every piece fits well. That is challenging when you have kids who tend to throw away their toys. But you should teach them their responsibilities. And there is no better way to start than with packing things that belong to them already. They should know the right place for their toys. Learn them to live in order because the energy of it always brings peace to everyone. Also, learn then that there are easy ways to store toys after moving. You can inspire them to do it in a fun way. Make a game out of it, who can do it faster, and challenge them to find new creative ideas on how to organize it. They will love it if you involve them.

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