How to settle after moving to Borough Park

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Before you start to search for an apartment to rent, or before buying a home in Borough Park, it is good to learn a bit about the neighborhood. You can do it by hiring real estate agents. They will show you the places which are matching your budget. Or, you can go there and walk around. Meeting people and seeing the place will give you the impression you need. So, you can also visit one of the best movers in the area. That way, you can agree with  Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC about the moving price. And about the moving date. They can also recommend you some places to check for the property. With their help, you can find a new place very quickly. And, you will quickly settle after moving to Borough Park. 

Is Borough Park a nice and safe place for living?

This Brooklyn neighborhood is very safe and family-friendly. So, living there, you will soon realize that you can walk around and enjoy it. You will not need to think about safety hazards, like in some other parts of NYC. The sense of safety is exactly what is making this place so attractive. People living in Borough Park are mostly:

  • Jewish
  • Hispanics
  • Chinese

They are traditionally family-oriented people. So, the calm atmosphere of this strongly interconnected neighborhood comes from that tradition. This is a very quiet part of Brooklyn and the schools are good. Still, due to easy ways to commute, a lot of kids are attending schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Also, many are using the bus lines.

View from the Brooklyn Bridge
Borough Park is located in the southwestern part of Brooklyn

Some changes in behavior can make it easier to settle after moving to Borough Park

We already said that the people living in the area are rather traditionally oriented. As you are moving to their neighborhood, it is perfectly normal to adjust. And to respect their ways of living. So, this mostly means modesty and polite behavior. This is especially important as the area is home to orthodox Jews. Respecting their way of living, you will very soon find friends. And exactly thanks to such a lifestyle, you are living in such a safe neighborhood. 

After moving, can you find good joy in Borough Park?

Well, living in Borough Park is not so cheap. It is cheaper than living in mid-Manhattan. However,  a median home value of about $910,000. And if you are renting you should know that the median renting price is about $1,500 a month. At the same time, the average annual income is about $45,200. This means that Borough Park has a considerably lower income than the national average. This is one of the reasons why many of the 160,000 residents work in other places. They are looking for better-paid jobs elsewhere. Luckily, good transportation systems are making it easy. You can also get a better-paid job in other parts of NYC. And come back in the afternoon to your quiet neighborhood. 

Due to the employment issues, some of the residents are moving to other areas. And when they decide to move, they are using the services of reliable and affordable Borough Park movers.

Woman is touching showcase of a shop with decorative items,
Borough Park is excellent for people who love places with a lot of walking paths.

Enjoy long walks in this nice Brooklyn neighborhood

Various people have various affinities. Some of them better like walkable places. Others are more dependent on their cars. When you settle after moving to Borough Park, you will find out that Borough Park has them both. One of the ways to settle down is exactly to get to know your neighborhood well. So, you will be able to walk around as much as you like. Also, you will walk in and have small talks with the shopkeepers. And you will also be able to go for a walk and enjoy sightseeing. Besides the possibility to complete most of the tasks walking, there are also many bike paths

However, you will also be able to use your car. And Borough Park has excellent public connections. Those you can use to move around or to reach other parts of the town. And in case you find some better accommodation, you can always use the reliable services of local movers Brooklyn residents recommend.

Borough Park has great schools

If you have kids, you will like to know about the best schools in Borough Park. We have good news for you. Although some kids are attending schools in the neighboring places, Borough Park schools have good ratings. And such ratings are coming from independent bodies like Niche. So, you can be sure that your kids will receive a good education. Moreover, you don’t need to fear them while they are in school. As we already said, this is a friendly and safe environment.

Also, while bringing kids to school and back, you will be able to meet many other parents. And that is also an excellent way to adapt. And to start feeling Borough Park as your home. Which is, on the other hand, the sign that you are settling down after moving.

City street with buildings and people walking.
Borough Park could be a good place for your business.

Interesting places to visit in Borough Park while settling down

Every place has something unique and specific. The Borough Park is not different in that sense. You can choose between visiting famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Or you can opt to visit places for outdoor or indoor activities. You may also be interested in joining some clubs and practicing your hobby. So, we will give a shortlist of interesting places in Borough Park. And living in there, over time, you will discover even more of them.

  • Regina Opera Company – theaters
  • St Athanasius Church – churches & cathedrals
  • Funny Vines – bars and clubs
  • Nick’s Bat Crawl
  • Deluxe Travel Store- special gifts shop
  • Brooklyn Dancesport Club – dance clubs & discos

Move your business to Borough Park

After you get to know the area and people, you might become confident that it will be good for your business. So, in case you decide to move your business to Borough Park, with the help of commercial movers Brooklyn has, relocation will be smooth and easy.

Settling down you learned a lot about your new home. So, we are sure that you are making the right decision. This is a peaceful place, with a lot of visitors. All that can help your business to expand.

You can also learn a bit about the history of Borough Park

Every place has something interesting in its history. The same goes for your new borough. If you would like to learn a bit more, here is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive. We hope it will help you to better understand your new home. And to easier settle after moving to Borough Park.


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