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If you made a decision to relocate, then we congratulate you, because this is such a big step and will change the path of your life. And if you want to pack for moving to Harlem, we are here to help you with some ideas. And the first one is to hire the best movers possible that will help you experience an epic relocation. Just about everyone wants to have that experience and you deserve to have only the best relocation.

How to choose the right movers for you

So you want to hire only the best moving company possible because having them by your side will change the whole moving experience. And let’s face it, relocation is often a very stressful event. Have in mind that this is a time to get every help possible. That being said, search for some local movers in Manhattan NY. You will find many advantages of hiring a local moving company. You can go to their office for an initial interview and actually see how they operate.

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Find the best moving company to help you.

Get the closest one to your home or to the place where you will relocate. Movers Harlem NYC knows this area really well and all the specifics of it. And you will feel the benefits of it for sure. Because they already know when is the traffic jam and what are the roads to avoid and all those alternative paths to get to your new place with ease.

You should think about using a storage

An experienced company will also offer you to use storage space. Many people find this useful for at least some time during their move. And many people just start during the relocation and continue to use it a long term. Whatever your story and your needs are, moving and storage Manhattan is a company you want to cooperate with. And you are the one who makes a decision on how long you are going to use storage and how big a unit you need. So there are many options and you should research them.

How to start to pack for moving to Harlem

After you make this first important decision, it gets the time to start to pack for moving to Harlem. And you may get overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to do. So staying organized is so important. Skip on drama, just take a few deep breaths and sit down to make a plan. Write down all you have to do and just go one at a time. Crossing them from the list will make you feel good. And now, let’s get on the packing.

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These are ideas on how to start to pack for moving to Harlem.

Moving is a great time to get rid of the things you don’t need

Let’s be honest here for a minute, we all tend to keep things much longer than we need them. Or much longer than we use them. Moving is such a perfect time to change that. You really don’t want to move with yourself those items that are unuseful. So it is time for a new list. Or, even better, you can make four of them.

Star with items you want to MOVE to your new home. And all the rest put in these categories: what you want to SELL, what you want to DONATE and the rest to RECYCLE. Don’t skip this assignment. It takes time, but this will make your packing so much easier. And when you realize that someone else could benefit from having and using your things that sit neglected in your home, you will be even more motivated to finish it. Giving away is such a beautiful emotion and will enrich your moving experience. How cool is that!

Get the packing material when you are ready to pack for moving to Harlem

If you have a tight timeline you may want to ask your movers to do the packing for you. But have in mind that they will charge this extra. So it can be a great solution if this service is within your moving budget. Otherwise, you may want to do it by yourself. In that case, you will need to get some quality packing material. Start with cardboard boxes, tapes, and bubble wrap.

You should also get some plastic bags. And the combination of boxes and plastic bags is actually the best for your move. You can use plastic bags for liquid things, like shampoos and cleaning products. But also, you can use it for little things, like jewelry. Always seel well your bags and also your boxes before your movers come to take them.


Labeling will help you so much, especially when it comes to unpacking. You will be really grateful for the time you saved for labeling. You can do this by putting a label of the room where those items belong to. And that will make your life easier. Also, don’t forget to label fragile items. It is important for everyone who comes in touch with those boxes to know they have to take special care of it. When it comes to little things, you should make a list of everything that is inside your plastic bag. So if you need anything, you will be able to find it quickly and efficiently.

Don’t forget to use labels.

Most important things have to be by your side

When it comes to the most important thing, you don’t want to give them to your movers to relocate them. Sometimes it happens that something occurs during the move, there are delays and so and you want to have essentials with you. So put your documents close by. Also, pack some most important things like a toothbrush and a reserve close if you need to wait for a day or for your things to come to your new home. Prepare well and avoid any unexpected event.

Did we help you to pack for moving to Harlem?

Harlem in NYC is an Upper Manhattan neighborhood. And if you decided to move, we do hope that we gave you enough advice on how to pack for moving to Harlem. You can make your own plan and adapt those ideas to yourself, but they are the great starting point, for sure.

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