How to organize a move to NYC at the beginning of a school year

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It takes a lot of planning to relocate to New York, even if you’re the only one that’s moving. However, when you’re moving with kids, you must also take care of them and help them adjust to the new city. Moreover, if your children are of school age, you must consider factors like the school year timeline and the safety of the neighborhood that you are planning to move to. Fortunately, this guide can help you to effortlessly organize a move to NYC at the beginning of a school year. Meanwhile, reliable movers New York can assist you with the physical part of your relocation to the Big Apple!

Prepare your family to move to NYC at the beginning of a school year

Because relocation is less stressful when everyone participates, make sure to include your family in moving preparations. The first step is to tell your children about the upcoming move, arm yourself with a lot of patience and understanding, and discuss any concerns they might have. Since they will lose familiarity of their old home and friends, they might need help adjusting to life in NYC.

A family packing for their upcoming move to NYC together
Talk to your kids before the relocation.

Make sure that kids expect the arrival of movers Brooklyn and participate in packing some of their belongings. However, it’s best to pack their bedroom last, and if possible, unpack it first. You should also tell your children whether they will share a bedroom in their new home and answer their questions. Finally, do what you can to help your children feel excited about the new chapter of their lives!

Book a reliable moving company well in advance

Organizing a family move to NYC on your own is arguably a more budget-friendly option. However, hiring residential movers NYC to do the job will save you time and energy, especially when you have a tight schedule. After you decide on which moving company to hire, discuss a moving day schedule with your movers. For example, you should inquire about the general timeline and what items you can transport to your new home.

You should know that the beginning of a school year falls during the busiest season for movers. Therefore, if possible, make sure to book a moving company that will help you relocate to NYC well in advance. Otherwise, your movers might be unavailable at a specific date or charge you extra because you hired them late.

Deal with the administration before you move to NYC at the beginning of a school year

Most of the moving companies Manhattan has can tell you how easy it is to forget about paperwork in all that moving chaos. However, it’s important to update your bank and contract information and direct your mail to your new address. On top of that, it’s also necessary to find a new school for your children and make the transfer arrangements.

A boy in classroom after his family decided to move to NYC at the beginning of a school year
Dealing with the school transfer before you move to NYC will make the transition easier for your child.

It would be a good idea to talk to the principal of the new school your child will be attending. For example, you can ask them about the methods the school uses to assist new students in settling in. Then, find out about school facilities, and sign your child up for new extracurricular activities!

Find a family-friendly neighborhood to settle in

When you’re moving to a new city with children, you have to find accommodation suitable to their needs. Luckily, New York has some safe and affordable neighborhoods with excellent schools and lush green spaces. For example, Forest Hills, located in the heart of Queens, is one of the best places in NYC for families. Not only is it close to Forest Park and Flushing Meadows Corona Park, but the schools in the area are superb!

If you’re looking for an affordable home in a close-knit community, Great Kills might be the place for you! This Staten Island neighborhood is great for families looking to get away from the city while still being close to Manhattan. However, if you’d like something more central for your family, consider moving to Battery Park City. Low crime rates, clean streets, and lovely parks make this one of the best places to live in Manhattan.

Take time to get to know the city once you move to NYC at the beginning of a school year

When you finally settle down in NYC, it’s time to unwind a bit and get to know the city! It’s best to use these last few days before the school year starts to spend some quality time with your family! Luckily, there are plenty of fun activities in New York City for both children and adults. Start with the touristy things, like visiting the Statue of Liberty, or going on a sightseeing cruise on the river. 

Children playing with dinosaur model
Your children will get to enjoy plenty of creative activities if you move to NYC at the beginning of the school year.

Then, you could have a picnic in Central Park, treating your children to some classical NYC pizza. For a bit of culture, you could spend the whole day visiting some of the numerous New York museums. That being said, your children will certainly love seeing the dinosaurs at the American Natural History Museum! Finally, the Rose Center for Earth and Space, where you can learn a lot about planets, is yet another family favorite.

Moving to a different city as the school year is about to start can be a difficult task for most parents if they are not prepared properly. Aside from everything else that needs to be done, you should focus on your child’s transition to a new environment. Try to be supportive and patient in order to help your kids adapt to a new environment. However, with good organization, planning in advance, and team effort from your family, everything is possible. Hopefully, after reading this guide, your move to NYC at the beginning of a school year will be a smooth one.


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