How do You Know if an NYC Moving Company is Reputable?

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Reputation is everything for a company. Are you going to hire the services of a 1-star company that constantly has bad reviews or are you going to pay a little extra for the 5-star service provider with loads of positive feedback? It’s a no brainer! This is especially true when it comes to hiring a moving company. When you’re getting ready to trust someone with all your worldly possessions, you want that company to be reputable beyond a doubt.

Reputation means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? That’s what you need to ask yourself before you go looking for a reputable moving company. If you’re just looking for 5-star, heavily-reviewed companies, that’s one thing. But, if you’re looking for consummate professionals who deliver a complete scope of service, that takes a little extra legwork to find.

Reputable movers go above and beyond

There are thousands of moving companies in New York City and they all offer generally the same services. They’ll pack up your items, load them into a truck, transport them and unload them. Some movers will also offer storage as a value-add service. These services are, essentially, the core aspects of the moving business.

If you’re looking for a reputable moving company, look for movers who go above and beyond these basic services to offer something extra. Some examples might include:

  • A consultant who takes the time to develop a scope of work and custom quote
  • Supervision and monitoring by an operations department
  • Specialty packing services for art, electronics or delicate items
  • The option to choose a payment option on the basis of hour, volume or weight
  • A reliable and punctual service, available 24/7

These are just some examples of little things that a reputable company will do to put itself above the competition. Sure, all companies might offer packing and moving as their core services—but truly reputable movers will add these perks to take that service to a whole new level.

Traits of reputable movers in NYC

Every reputable mover has the same hallmark traits that tell the world “hey, we’re honest and reliable.” It starts with things like a website, uniformed movers and a real person answering the phone. But it doesn’t stop there! Reputable movers will have a range of traits that instantly distinguish them from the competition. You’ll know as soon as you start talking with them that they’re reputable, reliable and the right moving services provider for you.

  • Experience: Select a moving company that’s been in the industry for a while and that has experience. The longer the company has been in business, the more likely it is they’re knowledgeable, stable and seasoned. Don’t be afraid to ask how many moved they’ve completed over their years in business!
  • Affiliation: To ensure the moving company is credible, check to see if they are accredited with international moving associations such as the American Moving, Storage Association (AMSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These accreditations imply that a company conforms with mandatory regulations and follows industry standards.
  • Flexibility: Reputable moving companies will work with you, rather than trying to dictate the services you need. Look for companies that offer flexible packages for different budgets and needs. This flexibility is a sign that your choice of mover is someone who’s committed to putting you, the customer, first.
  • Reach: When it comes to moving long distances, such as to a new state or to a new country, a reputable company will be large enough to take you the distance. This way, you can avoid dealing with several contractors. There’s something to be said for a reputation that crosses borders and spans multiple cities and states!

These are by no means the only traits of a reputable mover in NYC. In fact, they’re just the beginning! Reputation is built on factors like personability, communication, satisfaction and honesty. This is why it’s so important to contact a moving company you’re interested in working with. The best way to get to know them and what they’re all about is to have a quick chat with them.

Talk through your needs

Talking through your move with a professional will give you instant, real-time insight into how they’ll approach providing you service. A reputable mover will listen to you, assess your needs and approach things from an individualized standpoint. To do this, they need details. Here’s what you should discuss with a mover to make sure they’re on the same page about expectations.

  • Be precise about your needs: This is the initial and the most important stage of the whole process. Run down the entire list of your moving scenario. When are you moving? From where? To where? How much stuff do you have? What services do you need? A reputable mover will help you ask these questions and make sure they’re all answered.
  • Ask about rates and fees: Reputable movers have nothing to hide and will gladly provide you upfront information about their rates and services—whether you ask for them or not! Nothing says reputability like an honest presentation of services and rates. More important, the best moving companies will always be upfront about any service fees or charges, and explain them in full before you sign anything.
  • Small things matter a lot: Does the mover make suggestions or recommendations? Do they ask questions while you’re describing your needs? Are they taking notes? These are little things, but they matter a lot! They all add up to a better level of service and they’re hallmarks of a company that wants to earn and uphold an excellent reputation.
  • Inquire about services: Be sure to talk about services you need with specificity. Not only will a reputable company provide you more information about these services upfront, they might recommend or tailor them specifically for your situation—such as planning for fragile, oversized or valuable items.

Every interaction you have with a reputable moving company will stand out and make you trust them with your belongings. When the time for the physical move comes, you’ll have complete faith in their ability to get you relocated in a safe, timely, orderly fashion. Instead of a hectic, anxious, chaotic situation, moving will be smooth, seamless and calm. That’s the power of working with a reputable mover in NYC.

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