How to help your dog adapt after moving

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As you probably know, moving can be very stressful. And unfortunately, it can be very stressful for your dog. Dogs like their routine and familiar space, and they can feel quite anxious when they move and change everything. You will need to help your dog adapt after moving, and you will need to be very patient. You can’t quite explain to them what is happening, but you can do your best to ease their fears and anxiety. Hiring local movers NYC will make you feel less stressed, and your dog will feel that.

If you want to help your dog adapt after moving – routine is the key!

After the move, you will probably feel tired and overwhelmed. It might feel challenging to take your dog for walks or play with them, but you need to stick to your routine. Although you will have a lot of work ahead of you, you need to make sure that your dog has its routine. It is very important to keep their routine going at this moment. Walks at the same time, feeding at the same time – even if it means taking a break from unpacking. Keep in mind that with help from movers and packers NYC, your unpacking process can go much faster. And you can spend more time with your dog exploring your new home, and eventually your new neighborhood.

person trying to help dog adapt after moving
Keep your dog routine the same!

Create a space for your dog

The first thing that you need to do after residential movers NYC leave your home is set up a space for your dog. Their pillows, blankets, toys – anything that smells like their old home should be set up in your new home. Find a space that is similar to your old home where they loved to spend their time and create it in your new home. Of course, you need to allow your dog to find their new favorite place and you need to be patient. When they feel anxious and stressed they need a lot of space and a lot of time to adjust. The best way to help your dog adjust after moving is to be patient and understanding.

Don’t change the furniture

Moving to a new home, beginning a new chapter – it will be tempting to change things a little bit. And of course, you should redecorate your new home and make it feel nice and warm, but keep some of the old furniture. This means that if you really want to help your dog to adapt after relocating you should keep furniture that your dog really liked. Ideally, you should set up everything as similar as possible as it was in your old home. Your dog will be happy and grateful, and you will avoid some of the most common mistakes when it comes to moving. Of curse, after a couple of weeks once your dog adapted to your new home – you can change things around a little bit.

You will help your dog adapt after moving by giving them a lot of attention

Although, as we mentioned, you will be very busy with the whole relocation, you should pay more attention to your dog. Be kind, generous with attention and cuddles, and make sure that you tell them how much you love them. Throw their favorite toy around, give them belly rubs – anything that will help your dog feel calm and happy. This will also be a signal to your dog, that no matter what, they are still important in your life.  If you are relocating with your kids and your dogs -you can all play together and gradually start going for a walk. It will help you all to feel familiar with the new neighborhood.

person hugging dog
Spend as much time as possible with your dog

Avoid visitors in the first couple of days

You probably want to share your new home with your family, friends. You also want to meet the neighbors. And while that is normal, you need to consider how your dog will feel. Even if we put pandemics aside, having a lot of people in your new home will make your dog feel stressed. So, in the first couple of weeks, you should keep your visitors to a minimum. Also, if your neighbors have dogs and you want to take your dog to a playdate, don’t do it right away. Give your dog enough time to adjust to your new home after moving.

If you want to help your dog adapt after moving – stay home in the first couple of days

The best thing that you can do if it is possible is to stay home in the first couple of days. Your dog really shouldn’t be alone in their new home for more than a couple of minutes in the first couple of days. They need to know that you are there, so they can feel safe again. In case you really have to leave home for a longer period of time, make sure that someone stays with your dog. Your dog needs help to adapt after moving, and making sure they have company is one of the best ways to do so. Gradually, you can start leaving them on their own. First, you can leave them for 10, then 15 then 20 minutes, and so on. Just make sure to take them for a long walk before you leave them alone in your new home.

girl holding a dog
Stay with your dog at home in the first couple of weeks

You need to be very patient

The whole relocation is stressful for you and for your dog. Both of you will feel overwhelmed, and you will need time to feel like yourself in your new home. Your dog will also feel anxious, nervous, and even sad. They will probably start going everywhere with you, and they can get even a little clingy. You will also notice changes in their behavior, and that is normal. But if they start growling or acting aggressively you should look for professional help. There are a lot of trainers that can help you to help your dog adapt after moving to your new home. You can look them up online. They will help your dog feel calm, happy, and ready for new adventures in your new home.


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