How to help employees prepare for office relocation

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Relocating your office, although exciting, requires a lot of work, from finding the right location to packing office equipment. But besides that, your business must continue to run smoothly. All this makes the relocation quite a challenge. You don’t only have to worry about relocation tasks, but you have to take care of your employees. Although this kind of change is usually well welcomed among employees, it is also very stressful. They have to participate in the relocation process and still have to work. So, in order to have a smooth move without much stress, it’s important to ensure that your employees don’t feel overwhelmed. So, how to make the relocation easier for the employees?? Well, the first step is not to relocate your business internally. Instead, hire a reliable moving company. And Ben Hur Moving & Storage can help prepare employees for office relocation.

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A commercial move can be very overwhelming for the employees, so make sure to make an efficient moving plan

Understand office moving tasks to help employees prepare for office relocation

To help your employees prepare for office relocation, you should know what it requires. First of all, a commercial move slightly differs from a residential move, especially in terms of organization. There are many details you should pay attention to. Office relocation consists of many different tasks. It doesn’t only involve packing and transportation. Here’s a list of things to handle before announcing the move to your employees:

  • You need to find a suitable place for your future office
  • Plan your moving budget
  • Make a rough relocation plan and a to-do list
  • Plan how to balance between the relocation and workflow
  • Try to reduce business tasks to a minimum
  • Plan how to involve your employees in the relocation process
  • Organize and shred key documents
  • Find a moving company experienced in commercial moving
  • Purchase packing supplies or hire professional packers
  • Make a packing plan that won’t affect everyday tasks

If you need more information about office relocation, ask your commercial movers NYC to guide you through the whole process. They can help you manage different tasks efficiently.

How to announce the move?

Before announcing the move to the whole team, communicate moving plans with department managers. After you make a rough plan, inform your employees about the move. You can do this in several ways depending on the number of employees. You can send an email, short video, or you can arrange a meeting and make a presentation. The announcement should be brief, comprehensive, and encouraging. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to send a survey in the mail to get feedback. That will help you establish an ultimate moving plan and organize better. Also, this way, you help your employees prepare for office relocation and actively participate in the relocation tasks while keeping up with the work.

What to include in the announcement?

When you create the initial announcement, pay attention to include all the necessary details such as moving date, explanation for the move, main relocation features and steps, relocation tasks, employee to-do list, and any other important details. Then, talk to them about their responsibilities and their organization. Also, as you announce the relocation, don’t forget to encourage your employees to participate in making a relocation plan. If they are included in the process, they’ll feel less stressed and more organized.

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Provide all the necessary details to prepare your team for the move

Help your employees prepare for office relocation tasks

When moving an office, it’s essential to involve your employees in relocation tasks, from preparing for the move to packing the office inventory. Why is this important? Well, nobody knows your business better than you and your employees. So, let them participate in the process to finish the tasks faster and successfully. They can provide suggestions on how to perform the relocation smoothly. Also, they will know exactly what should be packed first and how to organize the packaging. Every employee can pack their own desks, so they unpack quickly after the move. On the other hand, professionals should pack common office equipment, such as computers, printers, and bulky items. So, let your movers Brooklyn pack your office safely and securely. This way, all the tasks are covered completely, and your employees are prepared for the relocation.

Help and encourage your employees to keep up with the work regardless of the relocation

No matter how demanding, office relocation shouldn’t interfere with the work. Your business cannot stop during the move. However, it’s not easy to work while surrounded by boxes. But there are some ways to help your employees prepare for office relocation and still work productively. Wonder how? First of all, reduce the working task. Do only the ones of the highest priority. Then, consider moving department by department. This way, half of your employees can handle the relocation tasks, while the other half can do the work with no trouble. By organizing like this, you avoid the crowd. However, remember that your employees are under stress having a lot of responsibilities and deadlines to meet, so let them take a break. Consider allowing them to have a day off so that they recharge their batteries.  All this can help your employees reduce stress and be more productive.

Professional movers
Hire commercial movers to help your employees prepare for office relocation

Use professional moving services for a safe and sound office relocation

The best way to help your employees prepare for office relocation is to hire a professional moving company to do the most difficult moving tasks. By hiring commercial movers Brooklyn, you’ll get an effective business relocation plan so you and your employees can keep up with work without having to worry about whether you’ll manage everything on time. Most importantly, your business will keep running smoothly. So, don’t hesitate, contact us today and get a free moving quote. Let us make your business relocation an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Have a safe and sound office relocation with us by your side.

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