How to get your office ready for Bushwick relocation in a month

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Office relocation is a complex task, and it demands time. You also need a lot more planning for the office than for the home relocation. And usually, office relocation is a result of business expansion. Or you are moving to a more convenient place. However, you may need to move the office on short notice. And to get your office ready for Bushwick relocation in a month, you must react fast. Also, you must find ways to speed up the preparation process. That is why you should contact Movers and packers NYC. With their expertise and proper packing materials, they will complete your preparations much faster.

People sitting in the office and discussing how to get your office ready for Bushwick relocation.
Discuss relocation with department managers.

You need a good organization to get your office ready for Bushwick relocation in a month

To start with, organize a meeting with your department managers. Inform them about the short notice relocation to Bushwick. Also, ask them to help you to prepare the relocation plan. Each of them knows its department and its employees. Making a plan for their respective departments should be easy. Also, ask them to inform their staff about the upcoming changes. That way, you will delegate the moving preparation. So, the process will go parallel in all departments. And, by parallel preparations, you should already gain some time.

Also, employees know their part of the job best. And they know what can be decluttered. Also, what has to be preserved. As each of them will concentrate on their tasks, the overall process will go faster. And you should keep the office running. However, ask the employees to do only the necessary things. So, they can use the rest of the time on preparations.

Once you have a relocation plan ready, stick to it

Once the overall relocation plan is ready, stick to it. Making changes in how to do something can only lead to confusion. However, some small adjustments you can accept. Especially if they will add to speeding up the preparation part. Such one change can be to digitalize your documents. That way, you will be sure that nothing important is lost in the rush. The moving plan should include:

  • Tasks of each department
  • To-do list for you and for each department separately
  • Setting a moving budget
  • Plan how to keep work ongoing during the preparation time
  • Hiring reliable help for packing furniture and electronics
  • Hiring cleaning company
  • Plan the short-term storage for documents
A woman with hands over the file folders.
Each employee knows its documents best.

You should enhance preparations efficiency as much as possible

While you are decluttering and packing the old office, you can start preparing the new office. Hire a reliable cleaning company. They should make the new office ready to move in. Also, once you come there, you will not lose time on cleaning. Instead, you can start with unpacking immediately. Also, hire the same company to clean the old premises once you move out. By this, you are speeding up the transition time.

So, your employees are in charge of documentation. The cleaning services will do their part of the job. What remains is the office furniture. For this part, you will need professional help. Hiring movers Bushwick your office furniture and equipment will be skillfully disassembled and packed. And all that in a much shorter period than you can imagine.

Managing relocation of the office to Bushwick

So, you have allocated relocation tasks. The department managers will take care of preparations and report progress to you. Also, you organized cleaning services for the new and old office. You have also organized professional packing help. Now, you can take some time to consider what else can be done. With such a short period to get your office ready for Bushwick relocation, anything you can do in advance is welcome. You can use the time to contact the most important clients and partners. They will for sure appreciate your timely information. Also, you can consider a few more possibilities. You could:

  • Visit the new office with department managers. That way, everyone will be able to decide about the new office layout. So, once you move in, they will already know where the desks will be. They can also decide who will be accommodated in which room.
  • Visiting the new premises, you may realize that some old things will not match in. So, you can get rid of them. Thus, the relocation cost will be less.
  • Consider transporting some things to the new office before the moving day. That way, parts of the new office will be ready before the time. Also, you will be faster on the relocation date.
  • Consider hiring some storage space.
Indoor storage units and man driving load with a forklift.
Rent the storage space to speed up relocation.

How renting storage space can speed up your office relocation to Bushwick?

Over the years, you have collected many items and documents. Decluttering them before packing is fine. However, with such a short period, it could take too much time. Simply said, you will not be able to complete preparations in time. So, you can simply pack everything. After that, you can hire movers Brooklyn to transport the boxes in their storage.

Once the relocation is completed and the new office is set, you can come back to those boxes. You can send a few employees to check each box carefully. And instead of bringing the moving boxes to the new office, they can work at the sport. That way, you will save time and cut costs.  And employees will have enough concentration and time to make proper decluttering.

Remain calm you were able to organize office relocation efficiently and timely

Instead of panicking and getting paralyzed by the sheer amount of preparation work, you acted. You were delegating the work and finding ways to save up as much time as possible. Also, your managers were able to organize smooth preparations in their respective departments. So, by remaining calm and making a good plan, you could complete the preparations timely. And commercial movers Brooklyn could unload your items in a new office without obstacles. The new office was properly prepared for their arrival.

Following your plan, the movers knew where to put certain boxes. Since your employees made the proper labeling, the unpacking will now be easy. So, what looked like a mission impossible at the beginning, was successfully completed. And all this is a reason to throw the welcoming party.

Inform all your partners about the office relocation to Bushwick

You managed to get your office ready for Bushwick relocation timely. Now, your employees are preparing it for opening. So, you can use that time to inform all your partners about the address change. Some of them were already informed verbally. However, it would be nice to send the notice of office relocation to all your partners. And you can either send them the cards. Or you can send them an e-mail message.

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