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When planning a move, one of the first things is to find reliable Riverdale movers. And, this is a rather difficult task. Before you decide to hire movers, you have to make sure they are qualified. Also, they have to be professional and trustworthy. Seeing so many advertisements, finding movers could look like an easy task. However, those who were moving before know it is not so easy. If you get recommendations from friends, that will save you a lot of time. If not, you will have to make research. Only that way you can find reliable movers like Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC. And good movers mean having a safe relocation to Riverdale.

A man writing while looking at laptop in order to find reliable Riverdale movers.
Check the online reviews of the moving companies.

Why it is necessary to do throughout checks to find reliable Riverdale movers?

Annually, we can see that millions of Americans are moving. So, the demand for movers in the US is very high. All this is creating an excellent atmosphere for cons. This is the main reason why you have to be so careful when choosing movers. It doesn’t matter if you are moving just to another borough in the Bronx. Or if you are planning the interstate move. There are many moving companies in Riverdale. However, if you are not enough careful, you can easily lose your possessions. Thus, the throughout check is a must.

Before you start looking for movers, define the type of services that you need

Usually, the moving companies have basic moving offers.

  • Local moves
  • Long-distance move
  • Interstate move
  • Commercial moves
  • Residential moves

If you need only local moving services, many Riverdale companies could be good for you. However, it might happen that you also need temporary storage services. Or that you are late and need packing services. So, it is always better to opt for the companies offering various services. That will also shorten the list of the companies you wish to check thoroughly.

How to check movers from Riverdale?

Now, when you have your shortlist of possible candidates, it is time to check them further. Maybe some of your friends or relatives were using the services of movers Riverdale NY. They will be able to give you more detailed information about the company. Also, you will learn many details which are not available online. And these are the people your trust. So, you can take for granted things they say about each company. Things you would like to know are

  • Company reputation
  • Company readiness to offer additional services when needed
  • How they were solving previous disputes
  • The skillfulness of the employees
  • How movers were treating customers

Such kind of information is very valuable. And it will help you to easily decide which company is the best one for you.

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Family waiting Riverdale movers to come.

To find reliable Riverdale movers, you can check the online reviews

If you don’t have anyone who can recommend you some Riverdale mover, check the online reviews. If a company has mostly negative reviews, cross it out from the list. However, keep in mind that even the best companies are sometimes having negative reviews. Accidents can always happen. That is the main reason why your belongings are insured during the move. However, the good mover is getting negative reviews sporadically. Also, some either positive or negative reviews can be posted intentionally. Their aim is to make the company look bad or good.

Reading the reviews on a few platforms, you will soon notice such reviews. They are usually very long. And they are missing details. So, the best is to disregards such ones. Instead, pay attention to reviews describing situations. Such are, by rule, the genuine ones. From those you will be able to learn:

  • Does the company keep fair rates
  • Were the movers coming on time
  • If the possessions delivered were in a good condition
  • Were the employees polite
  • If the equipment and truck were well maintained and clean

Ask for the moving cost assessment when looking for reliable Riverdale movers

After checking reviews, you should have three of four companies remaining on your checklist. Give them a call and ask them to provide you with the moving costs assessment. They may send a representative to check your possessions. Or they can arrange to check your premises and possessions using the cell phone applications. As you walk them through your home, they will be able to check things.

However, in both cases ask for the written cost assessment. Also, request that they make the breakdown of the services and their costs. Such assessment you can use in a case of some future dispute. Also, it will prevent possible misunderstandings. And, if they have some free service offers, they can also include them in the written assessment.

A man loading moving boxes on the truck.
Mover is preparing to move your things to Riverdale.

Meet the Riverdale moving company representatives in person

It would be ideal to meet each of the local movers Bronx at their office. The company having the physical address and an office can be trusted. Also, by meeting them in person, you will be able to see their behavior. Which again shows a lot about the people you are dealing with. During the conversation ask the following questions:

  • What kind of insurance do they have
  • Can they show you their “Insurance Certificate”
  • Do you have to buy some additional insurance
  • What is their DOT number
  • What is their cancellation policy
  • The written record of how they were solving complaints of the previous customers

Don’t hesitate to ask those questions. Every moving company must have a written record of complaints. The serious Riverdale movers will also be happy to present their insurance and licenses.

What if you need Riverdale movers to relocate your office?

The procedure to find and hire reliable commercial movers Bronx would be very similar. Maybe you were already using the services of a company for a household relocation. If you were satisfied with their performance, you can hire them. Of course, if they are offering commercial moving services as well. If not, you can ask your reliable mover to recommend you some. Or you can repeat the procedure of finding reliable commercial movers yourself.

Once you are fully satisfied with company records and assessments, you can hire them

We are sure that, following our recommendations, you could find reliable Riverdale movers. So, you can go on and hire them. Now you know what to expect and what are your rights. You have also learned a lot about moving. After learning about things to know before hiring movers, you may be sure of one thing. You will not end up regretting the mistakes you did. On the contrary, you will enjoy your new Riverdale home.

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