How to cope with homesickness after moving

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    The usual reaction to move is excitement. People are generally feeling happy. Everything is new and offers numerous possibilities. If you are like the majority of people, after movers and packers NYC has brought you to your new home, you were overwhelmed with joy. You were excited about your new home. Or were finding the view so beautiful. And people were smiling and so friendly. Unfortunately, the homesickness is inevitably coming after some time. And, that is perfectly normal. But, this is also opening some questions – how to cope with homesickness after moving? And, how to efficiently adjust to your new surroundings?

    Should you feel homesick even after moving locally?

    Well, yes. Even if you are moving from one side of Manhattan to another, homesickness is a normal phenomenon. It is true that you are not so far from your old place. But what hits the most is that you don’t belong to it anymore. For sure you will be going to visit old friends. And, they will come to visit you. And, you will also keep a rather close relationship with some of them. But, you will also listen to new stories, happening, and names. And you will slowly start to feel alienated.  

    Tribeca with brick buildings and cobblestone streets -cope with homesickness after moving.
    Tribeca is known for the old industrial buildings, many of which are now turned into residential loft spaces.

    There are some simple remedies to help you cope with homesickness after moving

    The good news is that, following the simple remedies, you will heal from homesickness. During the healing period, you will have to pass through several stages. It will not always be easy. According to experts, homesickness is a longing for the familiar. And homesickness can be even mistaken for anxiety, sadness, or fear. So, to start with, you have to understand that you are missing the security of your comfort zone. And that it is a perfectly normal reaction to a changing environment. The Tribeca movers have relocated you to an excellent place. So, the chances are that you will easily adjust to such a nice place.  

    Once you recognize signs of homesickness, you will be able to cope with them

    People who are feeling homesick often lose the will to fight it. Keep that in mind. And every time you recognize the signs, force yourself to act. In the beginning, you might feel resistance. However, with time, you will find that it is becoming easier to overcome it. However, never suppress sadness. It might have the opposite effect. Instead, you can:

    • Go for a walk
    • Meet neighbors
    • Visit local attractions and restaurants in your new neighborhood
    • In case you have a hobby, find the club and join
    • Walk around and look for some interesting places

    As you can see, it is important to stay active. That is one of the best means to cope with homesickness.

    People walking in Manhattan, trying to cope with homesickness after moving
    It is important to stay active.

    Restore your life in the new surroundings

    Here are some efficient tricks on how to cope with homesickness. Apply them, until you start to feel good in your new surroundings. That will be the sign that you have won. The longing for the old place will eventually fade away. And you will realize that your determination was worthwhile. And that all efforts you made helped you to move on with life. 

    Restoring your daily routine is a good way to cope with homesickness

    Moving is usually ruining peoples’ routine. So, if you are feeling homesick, restoring your daily routine is one of the remedies. And how to do it? Luckily, that is very easy. Start with your sleeping and eating routines. For sure, you were following certain schedules before. Simply, restore them. Force yourself to go to bed at the same time as before. With little effort and determination, it will become your habit. 

    The other habits you have to restore are your morning coffee and reading paper. Or you better like to go for a morning jog, before work. Whatever was working well for you in the old place, do it in Tribeca. Sooner than you realize, your life will start to get familiar structure. 

    Work actively on becoming a part of your new community

    Don’t stay idle looking through the window and feeling sad. Instead, go around and find a way to get involved in your new community. Go around and visit shops. There are many boutiques lined up at the sides of the cobblestone streets. Go in. Check some new clothes. Start small talks with sellers. Also, visit the moving and storage Manhattan to arrange the storing of some surplus items. Sitting in a coffee shop, you may hear about the preparation of a festivity. Ask for detailed information and volunteer. Ways to meet people are various. And, the more people you know, the easier you will meet new ones.  

    A man and woman are sitting behind laptop screens and laughing.
    Zoom meeting with friends.

    Keeping in contact with old friends will help you to cope with homesickness

    In today’s world, nothing is too far. With new technologies, you can maintain your relationships with friends and that will help you cope with homesickness after moving. Possibilities are numerous. You can use the advantage of free Viber or whats-up calls. Or you can invite them to join you on a Zoom video call. This will be your oasis, connection to dear and known. And it will be very valuable, especially during your first days in the new place. 

    Slowly introduce some small changes to your new home and way of living

    Interestingly, mixing the old things with the new ones can speed up adjusting to new surroundings. In the very beginning, you needed to feel secure. And you needed to make the new place reassemble the old one as much as possible. That way, you were protected by the sense of familiarity. All that was helping you to cope with homesickness. So, now you can start to slowly change your home. You may start with buying some new furniture. 

    That way, you will keep some things to remind you of the time before the move. But, old furniture can prolong your homesickness period. Thus, getting a few more pieces will change the overall home atmosphere. If you decide to try this remedy, give a call to residential movers NYC. They can help you bring new things home. Also, you can check if they could help you to stage your new home. 

    You can again live your life to the fullest!

    So, you have found ways to cope with homesickness after moving. And, you are now feeling comfortable in your new Tribeca neighborhood. This is the sign that you have adjusted to your new place. You have your old friends. You can always visit them. But, the most important thing is that you are, once again, feeling that your life is good. And that you enjoy many new activities you discovered during the adjustment period. 



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