How to adapt to Long Island City after moving there

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Did you recently take up a new job in Long Island City or are you hoping to find one when you get there? Long Island City can be a very overwhelming place, especially if you’re new to it. The hustle and bustle of fast-paced urban life may take some time to get used to. While it may be scary at first, it won’t take long before you fall in love with the artistry of the city, lots of food, one-of-a-kind people, and the blend of amazing cultures that make up the Big Apple. Follow this guide by local movers NYC to find out how to adapt to Long Island City after moving.

Adapt to Long Island City after moving

When you hear Long Island, you probably think of the Hamptons or other famous luxury vacation spots. However, Long Island isn’t just for the famous and rich folks. With four counties, two Native American reservations, two airports, lots of hiking trails, and many villages and towns, Long Island has a lot to provide for people who want a mixture of entertainment, nature, and arts. Before you pack your bags and look for some moving companies Queens, let’s see what you’re going to need to adapt to before moving there. 

Long Island City
Long Island City has a lot to provide for all kinds of people.

The Weather

You may be wondering, wherein Long Island? It sits in the transition zone between a humid subtropical and humid continental climate. What this means is that summers are likely to be hot and humid with the occasional thunderstorms. Spring and fall are mild, and winters are cold with a mixture of snow and rain. As it’s located on the Atlantic Ocean, areas next to the coast, such as South Shore, benefit from the cooling ocean breezes and tend to be quite cooler in comparison to the rest of Long Island. It also tends to have lighter winters compared to the rest of New York due to its coastal location.

While most major storms fade out thanks to the moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s still vulnerable to tropical cyclones. Actually, it’s been affected by a couple of tropical cyclones. Most recently Hurricane Sandy caused lots of damage to low-lying areas. Flooding is also a problem in a lot of the coastal and low-lying areas of Long Island. Of course, these are rare occasions. Usually, Long Island provides great weather for people who enjoy all four seasons. You can relax in the summer and enjoy the beaches. You can enjoy cross country skiing in the winter thanks to the moderate amount of snowfall Long Island gets in the winter. Of course, during fall and spring, you can enjoy beautiful bursts of colors from the flowers and leaves.


Almost every type of transportation serves Long Island because of its close proximity to New York City. You can commute from Long Island to New York City via the Long Island Rail Road with ease. Millions of people do it every year.  The second busiest commuter railroad in North America is the LIRR. Since it’s quite busy you’re gonna have to deal with crowded trains, especially during peak hours. This is one of the things you’re going to need to adapt to Long Island City after moving.

If you wish to travel to multiple locations in Long Island, Long Island City movers recommend you take one of three bus lines: the Nassau inter-country express that provides transportation throughout Nassau County and some areas of Suffolk County, the Suffolk County Transit that offers transportation throughout Suffolk County, and the Huntington Area Rapid Transit that is in service of the Town of Huntington.

There are three large airports on Long Island. These include JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Long Island MacArthur Airport. JFK is a major international airport and it is servicing about 75 million passengers a year. LaGuardia averages about 20 million. The smaller Long Island MacArthur Airport has about 2 million passengers yearly. It’s the only airport in Nassau or Suffolk County with regularly scheduled commercial flights. Also, there are smaller general aviation airports on Long Island, but they don’t have the same number of passengers or scheduled flights as the other three.

cars on the bridge
One of the things you’ll need to adapt to Long Island City after moving there is its traffic.

Cost of Living

Just because you’re not in Manhattan doesn’t mean that things are cheaper. Actually, Long Island is one of the most expensive places to live in America. A family of four needs around $140,000 just to get by comfortably. Of course, taxes are most of the expenses, followed by housing, transportation, and health care. As you would imagine, a lot of low-wage workers simply don’t make enough to comfortably meet their family’s needs. Even after adapting to higher state and city minimum wages, it’s hard for the minimum wage workers to survive on Long Island and forget about buying a house. The average house price is about $500,000. Even if you don’t buy, apartments are quite expensive. The average one-bedroom is about $1,750 while two bedrooms go for around $2,500.

Also, food prices are higher on Long Island in comparison to the rest of the United States. Generally, most people spend an average of $875 a month for a family of four. This includes dining out and groceries. In comparison to other major cities, food costs on Long Island are slightly higher than most cities excluding San Franciso, San Diego, Washington D.C., Seattle, and Honolulu.

person calculating costs of living in order to adapt to Long Island City after moving
You should know that the cost of living in Long Island City is slightly high.


Final thoughts

If you’re thinking about how to adapt to Long Island City after moving, have these in mind. It’s very important to have in mind that moving isn’t easy for anyone. You may be moving for work or pleasure. But, as a matter of fact, it is individual. You will need to work on your self-confidence and communication skills. Adapting to Long Island after moving there is going to be a process, go easy in yourself. Move like a pro with local movers Queens NY. However, make sure you surround yourself with friends and family as much as you can.


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