How and where to find a place to rent in Manhattan

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It’s well known that Manhattan is the most important part of New York City. It’s not a coincidence that why you picked it, you can find a good career here, or you just enjoy beautiful neighborhoods. We as one of the most reliable moving companies New York would like to help you find an apartment. So if you want to know how and where to find a place to rent in Manhattan read this article.  Some of the factors that will decide where you’ll live are your income, age,  traffic, etc. So let’s dive in!

Why and what about Manhattan

Now when it comes to renting a place in Manhattan you have to understand that this place is massive. It has over 1.62 million people living there.  There are countless neighborhoods some of which are famous like Soho, Wallstreet, Upper East Side, Hells Kitchen, Noho, etc. This is a place for everyone and here they say you can live the American Dream. Now here you can find things like Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower, Brookly bridge, Hudson river, etc. There are a lot of places that you should visit even as a tourist. Now Manhattan can be a nice choice if you want to start your family since the education in NYC is good.

Empire State Building in and many tall skyscrapers around it;
Manhattan is a huge part of New York with over 1.6 million residents. So looking where to stay and where and how to rent is a huge job. Since there are so many different neighborhoods in Manhattan.

How to find a place to rent online

Here we’ll look at some of the best apps and websites that you can find to rent in Manhattan: is the best overall online option

This is one of the more famous websites you can either use app or website. What is good about this is that it will take you through the whole renting journey. You can pay from any device and it’s easy to use and also sign a lease. When it comes to options you have different settings so you can adjust everything with your needs: square footage, floor, rent, rooms, etc.

Zillow is best for where to find a place to rent in Manhattan

Zillow is the best when it comes to researching the neighborhood. Most of the movers Manhattan can tell you that this is a good option since you can research the neighborhood and history of the home. You can zoom in on the map and you can see what is around it just like on other apps like Airbnb.

Craigslist is the free option but…

Don’t get us wrong Craigslist is a great place. You can find a lot of stuff there, it’s cheap and convenient. This way you can bypass the agency or middle man and avoid any extra fees. Now here is the tricky part, you must see the place yourself. Since a lot of people were scammed because the real place didn’t look like in the photos. Also, take someone with you or don’t go alone and prepare a lot of questions. If you’re skeptical about anything please ask or “dig deeper” and try to get a written lease.

Two girls using a MacBook, and thinking about how and where to find a place to rent in Manhattan;
Online is one the most popular ways of finding anything nowadays especially apartments for rent.

How and where to find a place to rent offline

If you prefer let’s say “old-school” way of doing things that is the part for you. If you don’t want to get involved in these apps and websites, or you simply find them boring. We have a solution for you and here are our top 8 ideas on how to do this:

  • Walk around and explore the neighborhoods where you would like to rent. This is one of the strongest filters for renting.
  • Ask your friends, family, or coworkers if you have any good suggestions. There is nothing more powerful than the word of mouth.
  • Extend your network from friends to friends of friends. This is also useful if you don’t have time to travel and look at the property yourself.
  • Call and ask the landlord directly about anything that might not be in any advertisements that you read about.
  • When you’re exploring a neighborhood go to a local coffee shop or restaurant to see what people say about the neighborhood or some other parts of the city.
  • If you can find it, let it find you. Simply you’re put what you’re looking for online or in the newspapers and wait.
  • Find the local newspaper or one dedicated to a smaller niche like a neighborhood and look for the property there.
  • Look for moving guides online or offline. You can still find hard copies of magazines anywhere especially in big cities.

So there are our top ten things that you can do “offline” since nowadays most of the searches are performed online. It’s easier, cheaper, and more convenient. But if you have time, money, and resources and you are willing to do so, enjoy. As local movers in Manhattan NY, we can still see people doing this nowadays. This is simply more nostalgic.

people walking on the Manhattan streets thinking how to find a place to rent in Manhattan
If you prefer the “old-school” way of renting, then you can enjoy walking around or riding, driving, whatever you prefer to find which neighborhood suits you the best.

The best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan

Now, this is just our opinion, don’t take it as a fact. Research on your own and decide on your own. We’ll just tell you about some of the most famous and most popular neighborhoods.  So here you can find a place to rent in Manhattan:

Find a place to rent in NoHo, Manhattan

NoHo once forgotten part of NYC is now one of the best for those who enjoy arts and creativity. The is one of the best places for young professionals, filled with singles, the LGBT population, and artists.  Studios and 1 bedroom apartments are most popular for renting and the rent isn’t cheap. The median apartment rent for 1 bedroom apartment is $ 4,195. One good thing about this neighborhood is that the property crime rate is lower (below the average) than the New York City average. Renting prices may be like everything affected by the current inflation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

NoHo as you may already know comes from “North of Houston Street”. Also, our NoHo movers would like to mention its sister SoHo (South of Houston Steet). But New Yorkers like to say that SoHo isn’t as charming as NoHo is. Here you can find unique boutiques and shops that you can’t find in the rest of the city. Some of the more famous people that live here are Emily Ratajkowski, Liev Schreiber, Britney Spears, Kristen Stewart, and the list goes on.

Cars on the road between buildings;
This part of the city is unique and it’s perfect if you are into arts or you are a young professional.

The best neighborhood near the financial district, Tribeca

Welcome to Tribeca or Triangle Beneath Canal Street one of the “coolest” parts of downtown Manhattan. The title “cool” can be addressed to Robert De Niro. He founded Tribeca Enterprises a platform used for independent movies, free media, and storytelling. There are many movies so you can check that out on their website. Now when it comes to Tribeca it’s a good neighborhood for professionals and families. Also, it’s perfect for those that are commuting, especially to financial districts like Wall Street. When it comes to median apartment rent it’s $ 5,750 for 1 bedroom apartment or a studio. Now if you’re with a family you can get a 2 Bedrooms apartment for $ 9,850, 3 Bedroom apartment for $ 14,250, and 4 Bedrooms for $ 22, 500. It’s safe to live since the crime rate is lower than in the rest of the city.


Wall Street commute: 1 mile / 10-15 minutes drive / 10 minutes by bus

Rockefeller Center is 3.5 miles away and takes 25-35 minutes by vehicle or 20-30 minutes by public transportation.

Jersey City is 5.5 miles away and takes 30-40 minutes by vehicle or 20 minutes via public transportation.

Now our  Tribeca movers would like to tell you that here you can find more shops like an average grocery store, but you can’t shop like in NoHo. When it comes to dining restaurants range from basic to high-end. So if you enjoy Japanese cuisine Shion 69 Leonard Street is the high-end option for you it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. If you are more into French food then we suggest Frenchette or L’Abeille. For American food we suggest One White Street and Mena for comfort food.

Chrysler tower and many other skyscrappers;
Tribeca is close to the Financial District but if you’re looking for where to stay with your family then this is the neighborhood for you.

Find a place to rent in Manhattan in FiDi

Now this one is also very popular mostly for singles and professionals. FiDi is also known as Financial District in New York City is where all the money is simply said.  Medium home rent it’s as expensive as one would think. It’s $ 3,250 per month for 1 bedroom apartment or a studio.  It’s the part of the city like in the movies with tall skyscrapers, and people wearing black suits, and yeah it’s the world capital of financial services. In the past, this was a ghost town after the work is done since most people would go into different parts of NYC where they lived.  Wall Street movers would like to tell you that more and more people are moving to the Financial District. A lot of money has recently been invested into shops, restaurants, apartment buildings, etc.

Now commuting isn’t a problem since it is non. If you work you’ll be a couple of yards or block from your work so you can ride a bike or simply walk. It’s more eco-friendly and it’s more popular than driving a car since Wall Street is only 0.3 miles away. This district has cobblestone streets which make it exceptionally beautiful. The oldest church in Manhattan is here Trinity Church. New World Trade Center (or rebuilt) and 9/11 memorial and museum, National Museum of American Indians, are just some of the benefits of moving to Manhattan.

The conclusion

So we’ve presented you with some of the best options in your opinion. Most of them were popular parts of Manhattan young professionals choose to live in, but we covered families as well. As you may know by now SoHo or NoHo or FiDi, it’s up to you. You have to set your priorities straight and know what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure use YouTube or simply Google New York Manhattan to know what you’re looking for. There are many quizzes on architecture and interior design so you can know which styles you prefer. Since the city is diverse and rich with culture, you can find people and styles from all over the world. If you prefer a more urban lifestyle with a lot of green space, consider renting an apartment near Central Park.

a group of people in the office trying to find a place to rent in Manhattan
Deciding where you want to stay in Manhattan is totally up to you, we gave you some suggestions but the city is endless and so are your options. So good luck looking for an apartment to rent!

On the other hand, the financial district has its advantages in terms of communicating and renting prices. So if you are more of a family-type consider parts of Manhattan than encompass Central Park. Those are neighborhoods between the Upper East and Upper West Side of Manhattan.  There are a lot of things for kids here like the Central Park Zoo or Central Park Carousel. Now that would be it for this blog. We hope that we helped you with how and where to find a place to rent in Manhattan. Have a great move!


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