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So you’re moving from a house to an apartment in Manhattan.  This is a smart move and you’ll save a lot of money, especially in this difficult time of financial crisis.  As we can see in 2022 the prices are skyrocketing as the post-pandemic inflation is kicking in. We know that moving can be hard, especially during this part of the year and under these circumstances. But don’t worry, since we are one of the most professional movers and packers NYC, we will help you to execute your move with ease. So let’s dive in and see what to expect and what you should do in order to prepare for the relocation when moving from a house to apartment in Manhattan!

Moving from a house to apartment in Manhattan requires planning and decluttering

If it’s not too late, start planning immediately, as you know when you’re moving start planning. This is very important since most people don’t understand that planning itself takes a lot of time. Also, things will usually take more than you’ve planned; plus you’ll have enough time to make an inventory of all of your belongings. So the first thing that you should do is make a huge list (or an inventory) of all of the things that you have. Then you’ll compare the sizes of your house and your apartment, this won’t be a problem if the apartment is bigger.

But in most cases, apartments tend to be smaller than houses so you’ll have to let go of some of the things. You can think about leaving behind your gardening furniture if you don’t have a balcony or a penthouse. However, if you decide to hire a moving company, our reliable Chelsea movers will make an inventory list, pack everything and label each moving box properly.

Of course, you can do all of those things on your own. Therefore, after you’ve made an inventory, start putting things on paper or for real in separate boxes. These boxes will be labeled as:

  • Sell
  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Store
  • Trash
  • Fix
A white paper with a sticky note on it, on which "make it happen!" is written;
Planning is the crucial part of any successful move!

As you can see decluttering is an essential process in which you’ll have to learn to let go. First of all, you should start it from room to room, so you can divide your inventory by room or however you prefer. If you have enough time selling is the best option. On the other hand donating or giving away to friends, family, or people in need is okay. Also if you want to keep some things that you can’t put in your apartment, then storage is the best solution for you. Last, but not least is the trash, for things that can’t fit in any other category, especially leftover food.

Think about hiring professional movers when moving from a house to apartment in Manhattan

Now if either way you’re moving locally or long distance we suggest you think about this option. We as one of the most professional moving companies Manhattan usually advise our clients to contact us if they have a problem with a big piece of furniture, such as king size bed, huge closets, or any other part of furniture that needs to be taken care of. Moving on your own has its advantages and disadvantages.

Ask family and friends to help you out

The biggest advantage is probably lower cost but you’ll have to ask friends and family to help you. Also, you’ll have to buy all the supplies by yourself and this will all take a lot of time. Now if you hire well-trained, skilled professionals that know their job, it’ll be much less stressful. Also, they’ll drive the van or truck through narrow streets and move all of your things up and down. They can also help you with packing your things and they’ve got all the boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, markers, etc.

A proffesional mover sitting on chair and looking at the cardboard boxes thinking about moving from a house to apartment in Manhattan;
Professional movers are a great option and they’ll know how to prepare and pack your belongings when moving from a house to apartment in Manhattan

Now if you have a lot of free time and you’re way ahead of your scheduled move, sure you can try to DIY. But if you’re already late or you want to spend your time with family or doing anything else, just hire pros so they can do it faster and easier. Also, you’ll experience a minimum amount of stress; plus you can rent storage so they can store some of your favorite items. If you were wondering how to calculate the cost of a local move, don’t worry will help you with that. If you want a free estimate, you can call us so we can help you.

Focus on the advantages of apartments in Manhattan

Our reliable  Clinton movers would like to tell you that there are plenty of advantages when it comes to apartments. Yes, they are smaller in size, but they’re cheaper to maintain and they’re usually within the city, which makes it easier to go around. Less gas and electricity are needed for the whole place, which makes it more eco-friendly in a way.  Now since the gas prices are rising and fuel as well, Manhattan is a great place to be, since everything is near you. Also, Manhattan is the home of some of the biggest companies in the world and you’ll find a lot of job opportunities there. You can hire an interior designer, or just google to find which style fits you, so you can decorate your apartment. Also, you can find a lot of “hacks” on how to utilize your space on Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Google, etc.

A photo of Manhattan during the night;
Manhattan is one of the best places in the world that you can move to. Since there are so many benefits to moving from a house to an apartment.

We hope that you liked our guide on moving from house to apartment in Manhattan. Our professionals want to remind you one more time what are the main reasons for moving from a house to an apartment. Lower maintenance cost, lower bills, amenities… They also want to remind you to declutter your home before the move in order to save time and money. Now since you’ve chosen Manhattan, you’ll find a lot of fun things to do all year round. Hopefully, you will find these tips on moving from a house to apartment in Manhattan useful and helpful!



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