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Getting a better deal on a moving truck quotation

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Moving to another place with all your stuff can be quite a job to accomplish. And not to forget, it might burn a sizable enough hole in your pocket, depending on the moving company you choose. So, what is the best way to get a better deal on your moving quotation without having to give out more money than is worth it!

For starters, go online and search for price estimates for a moving truck with any of the major companies and you are likely to get wildly different quotes from each company. In fact, half the time the quote will not even be close to their advertised price. It turns out renting a moving truck is not as simple as it sounds. To get the best deals, you have to work for it a bit.

Most of the times when you see ads for cheap moving rentals, they might excite you to the core to see that you can get the work done for such a reasonable price. But be warned, as most of the quotations will quadruple as soon as you call the companies up. And when you start looking for a more extended trip, like cross-country, the price differences get even larger.

This mostly depends on the days, months and weeks you are choosing to make your move. The process is simple, if the demand is more the prices will be more and vice versa. Similarly, if you choose a weekend or end of the month, when everyone needs a truck, then according to the demand and supply principle, your cost will invariably be sky high. The less the demand, the cheaper the quotation. Also, you might get some companies to be cheaper if it’s a win all situation, for example if they have stock lying around to be moved to that place. So, this way, you would be moving their inventory and doing them a favor.

So, the idea is simple here when you are looking for a moving truck. Compare prices and quotations and play around with dates. Also, try changing different pick up and drop off locations in your city because different locations offer different prices. With these things in mind, you will get better moving quotations from companies, to make sure you are not spending more than you need to.

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