Family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall

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The school year 2022/2023 is starting soon in the NYC area. So, you still have some free days to visit some of the NYC amenities. And, fall is an excellent time to do so. Ordinary, it is a time of the year when temperatures are comfortable. But, even if you don’t manage to see all that you planned, no worries. Both, the kids and you will have weekends off. So, you will have enough time for the family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall. You will even have time to organize a move to another part of the city. If so, you can seek help from the best moving companies NYC. With such skilled helpers, you will save up a lot of precious time.

Are you just visiting NYC with your family?

It can also happen that you are just visiting NYC with your family this fall. If so, use the time to see the most famous places. In such a huge city, there are many of them. Therefore, we will try to present to you here some of them. That will help you to avoid losing time in search of the next attraction to see. 

In case you have some relatives or friends already living in NYC, they can also help you. Especially if they have kids themselves. They will know the right places for you to visit this fall. In either case, we are sure you will enjoy this exceptional city.

person making a list of family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall
Your kids will love visiting the NYC Harry Potter store.

There are places in NYC that you could visit for free

New York City is not cheap. Even when you are visiting, you may end up paying a lot to see some places. Luckily, there are also many places that you and your family can visit for free. Or paying some symbolic fee. So, how much the NYC sightseeing will influence your budget will depend on the places you want to see. And, for how long you’ve decided to stay in the City.

Visiting the famous NYC Harry Potter store is among family-friendly activities

The store is located at 935 Broadway in the Flatiron District. It might not look so impressive from the outside. However, once you crossed its magical door, a whole new world will open up. Not only your kids but you also, will be impressed with the offer. You will also find yourself surrounded by characters from the film. There will also be huge statues of griffins, phoenixes, and other characters from Hogwarts. And, you will be able to treat yourself with a magical wand. Or with an interesting chocolate frog.

However, maybe you are visiting NYC to buy a property. Or to find a good rental place where you can move. If so, you will not need the Harry Potter magical powers to become a Newyorker. The skilled and reliable Chinatown movers will relocate your property soon as you close a purchase or rental deal.

In Central Park, you will find many interesting things

For many young families with kids, Central Park is one of the main attractions. And, it is attracting many visitors, regardless of the season. In the park itself, you can find refreshments during the hot summer days. It is enough to walk under the dense canopy of trees. Or to stop by one of the lakes, to feel refreshed. And, when it comes to attractions, there are so many. So, we will here mention just several of them:

  • enjoy the Belvedere Castle
  • go to see the Central Park Zoo
  • sail model boats at the Conservatory Water
  • enjoy seeing the Alice in Wonderland statue
  • bring the toddlers to one of 22 Central Park playgrounds

Many people especially like Central Park during the fall. They say that the color-changing foliage is giving it a special charm. So, visiting Central park during your family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall, you will be able to see this spectacular foliage change.

Central Park NYC, one of the best places for family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall.
The color-changing foliage is giving NYC Central Park a unique charm.

Visiting the High Line is one of the family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall

The High Lane is an interesting park area. This former 1.45 miles of New York Central Cargo Railroad have been converted into a greenway. Since the park was open in 2009, it become a success, attracting annually over 8 million visitors. So, taking the High Lane, the whole family can enjoy the easy walk. It will take you from Hudson Yards to the northern edge of Chelsea. And, during the walk, you will enjoy the beautiful view. Besides, on the line, you will find many interesting murals, unique arts, and rotating sculptures.

Once you complete walking the High Line park, you will end up in Chelsea. So, you will have a chance to visit the famous Chelsea Market. Or to enjoy in one of its great restaurants. You may also get attracted by the neighborhood. So, if you decide after some time to move in there, give a call to movers Manhattan. We are sure that you will appreciate their assistance in moving to Chelsea.

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is one of NYC’s attractions

The Brooklyn Bridge is connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. At the time when it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. The bridge was designed by John A. Roebling, and its construction started in 1869. The bridge was completed and opened in May 1883. And, at that time, it was the first construction spanning the East River.

Nowadays, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge presents one of the NYC attractions. And it is free. So, if you happen to be in NYC this fall with the family, use the chance. For crossing in on foot, you will have to use the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway. It begins at the intersection of Tillary Street and Boerum Place. Also, you can access the pedestrian walkway via the staircase. This staircase you can find in the underpass on Washington Street.

NYC has the oldest toy store in the US, which is one of the family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall

We are convinced that both you and the kids will love this attraction. The iconic FAO Schwarz, the NYC toy store has been in operation since 1862. And, it is officially the oldest toy store in the US. Although it had to be closed at the original location, the FAO Schwarz actually just moved to a new location, at Rockefeller Plaza.

By visiting the store, the family will be able to participate in numerous popular activities. Actually, the visitors are encouraged to join various free daily activities. Some of them are book readings, magical shows, and music performances. Don’t be surprised if your kids decide that they would like to visit a place again. 

Various dolls on a showcase of the shop.
NYC has the oldest toy store in the US.

Are you planning to move to New York this fall?

Well, it can happen that you come to NYC in order to find a new place for yourself. And, in case you have already brought some of your belongings along. And, you will need a place to keep them for some time. So, what if you are staying in a hotel? And visiting the city attractions while waiting for a call from your real estate agent? In such a case, you will keep in a hotel just some of the necessary possessions. All other things that you have already brought, you can store. So, look for some of the self storage NYC facilities. And, you will be, for sure, able to find self-storage offering excellent conditions.

Visit Liberty Island

In case you decide to visit Liberty Island, you will have only to purchase the ferry ticket. So, technically, visiting the island is free. Also, you will have to pay the additional ticket in case you want to access the statue’s pedestal or crown. This is not one of the cheapest family-friendly tours in NYC. But the view of NYC from this perspective is worth every cent. 

On the other hand, you can also take a ferry to Wall Street. Since this ferry belongs to the public transportation network, rides are only $2.75 per person. So, you can enjoy watching the NYC skyline from the water. And, such a ride may be interesting for the whole family.

Are you planning to move your business to NYC?

In case you plan to move the business to NYC, the fall sightseeing tour with the family can be twofold. You can visit a lot of the attractive locations in the City. And, at the same time, you may look for the best place for your business. For example, in case you are planning to relocate your business to some of the boroughs not so close to Manhattan, checking the subway lines is an excellent idea. That way, you can have a family-friendly activity, checking the subway lines. And, the ticket for this public transportation is not expensive. So, you can take as many tours as you want. The bottom line is that good connectivity may help you to decide where you want to relocate your business. And, commercial movers Queens will complete the rest of the relocation tasks.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York.
For crossing in on foot, you will have to use the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway.

One of the family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall is visiting Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum

This is truly a visit that can be entertaining to all generations. At the same time, you can visit the iconic Times Square. As both locations are close by, you can simply walk. And, visiting Times Square, make sure to bring the kids to the 3-story M&M store. And, to the Hershey’s Chocolate World. That will, for sure, make their day.

Visit the Museum of Moving Images

If you and the family like movies, this will be an excellent place for you to visit. It is located in a former building of the historic Astoria Studios. And, when you are already in Astoria, you should pay a visit to Astoria Park. Located alongside the East River, it is known for its wonderful walking paths. Also, since the entrance is free, and it offers many amenities, you will find many people, enjoying the mild fall days. If you have already made arrangements with movers Queens, you will now look forward to moving to this beautiful place.

The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum is the place that your kids love visiting

The museum is dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of history and science. Actually, it is an American military and maritime history museum. And, it is located aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid. Thus the name. The carrier itself is docked at Pier 86, along the Hudson River. And, it is one of the interesting things to visit in a  neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen. 

Visiting several places in the Bronx could be the family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall

In case you plan to move to the Bronx, you should use the fall visit time to get familiar with your home to be. In the Bronx, you should visit:

  • Yankee Stadium (the home field of the New York Yankees baseball team)
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Botanical Garden
  • Wave Hill ( a landscaped public garden with wooded paths and a cultural center)
Luna Park of Coney Island.
Visiting the historic wooden coaster called Cyclon will be a real attraction to your kids.

The whole family will find entertainment in all those places. And, visiting the public gardens, all family members will be encouraged to attend the lessons. And, the lessons are designed to give knowledge to the attendants. But to entertain them as well. So, this is one of the things to try soon as local movers Bronx move you to your new home.

What are the family-friendly activities in Brooklyn?

Besides visiting the famous bridge and taking walk over it,  there are many more family-friendly activities that you can enjoy. Some of the attractions you can visit already now. And, after moving to this interesting borough, with the help of local movers Brooklyn, you will have a lot of time to explore it throughout. The places which are famous in Brooklyn, besides the bridge, are:

  • Prospect Park
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Brooklyn Flea Market
  • Botanic Garde
  • Brooklyn Heights and Promenade

The list of interesting things is not stopping here. But, after moving, you will have ample time to explore all the family-friendly places that you will all enjoy. However, one thing we have to emphasize. Visiting the historic wooden coaster called Cyclon, in Cony Island Luna Park, will be a real attraction to your kids. Dates back to 1927, and is still operational. And, we are sure that the kids will enjoy the ride.

Visit NYC and enjoy!

NYC is a huge city. So, visiting it, you will never have enough time to see all that it has to offer. And, the same goes for the family-friendly activities to try in NYC this fall. The thing is that you will need much more time to explore the things to do with kids in New York City. So, in case you decide to move to this unique city, you will need years to learn about its attractions.


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