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Easy Packing Tips for New Yorkers

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It is no less than a headache for New Yorkers to move from one place to another. And when it comes to packing, it gets even more complicated. So, why not take a few good tips to smoothen your relocation?

  • Use the right-sized boxes.
  • Use big boxes for keeping light in weight items like pillows, clothes, lines etc.
  • Store heavy items like books, candlesticks, boots etc. in small boxes.
  • Try to place heavier items in the bottom and lighter possessions at the top of the box.
  • Pack to the fullest and fill the empty space with crushed paper, cloth in the boxes.
  • Keep belongings of a particular room in one box to make it easy for you to locate the things while unpacking at your new home.
  • Use plenty of paper while packing your dishes. You can even use bubble wraps and packing paper to keep such fragile items in the box.
  • Keep dishes on the sides of boxes and place paper in between the two dishes. If possible, use dish-barrel for the same.
  • Make an essentials box to keep the items required during the journey.
  • Label all the boxes.
  • List down the number of boxes.
  • Tape all the boxes.

While hiring a moving company, NYC, you can look out for movers who can also lend a hand in packing up your belongings for the moving day.

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