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Easy Packing Tips for Moving Day!

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Whether you are heading to Connecticut or any other place on East Coast, you need to pack all of your belongings and do it in the right way to ensure it remains safe during transit. It’s okay if you have never done it before. Packing belongings may sound complicated but you can get out of it in no time if you choose the right technique. Check out some packing tips mentioned below:

  • Choose right sized boxes.
  • Pack heavy items like books, brass candlesticks etc. in small boxes.
  • Keep comparatively lighter items including clothes, pillows in big boxes.
  • Place heavier items in the bottom of the box.
  • Do not leave any box half filled. If there is space left after keeping the belongings, fit it with crushed paper or cloth. It would keep the box balanced.
  • Use bubble wraps to pack fragile items. Use plenty of padding when placing the dishes in the box.
  • Label the boxes correctly. This would help you in picking up the right box when unpacking. You can use name of the rooms or type of items it carrying for labeling the box.
  • Make essentials box to keep the items you would require during the journey.
  • Do make the list of boxes you have used.
  • Seal all the boxes with tape.

Moreover, you can consider choosing a moving company, NYC ,which also lends a helping hand in packing the belongings for the journey to your new address.

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