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Easily Relocating with Seniors

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Moving itself is a daunting task taking up lots of time with many intricate parts. Moving an elderly parent can take even more time with a seemingly endless list of to-dos and tasks. By planning ahead and taking care of different tasks prior to the move the transition period will be easier for you and your loved one. As moving is our job we’ve prepared a list of tips and tricks to make this a smooth move.

1. Plan Ahead: All the change incorporated in moving can be particularly stressful. Finding a new doctor, drug store, grocery store, and community of friends can be confusing and strange. These changes can be reduced drastically by planning ahead and by slowly introducing the new things into their lives. Take your loved one to their new grocery store before they move, let them meet their new doctor to ease the adjustment. Do some homework to find new social outlets for them and introduce them around. Moving will seem a lot less stressful when they already have a basis for their new area.

2. Start Early: It’s important to remember that the sooner you start preparing an older person for their move the better. This is especially true if you have decided to downsize into a smaller home. There are many emotional decisions that they also need to make while moving. Moreover, you need to remember that they can’t move as quickly physically or mentally as they did before. So, you need to give them plenty of time so that they can get mentally prepared for the move. Packing things little by little will help them slowly see the adjustment without a huge amount of change at once.

3. Pack One Room at a Time: Some rooms, such as bedrooms and those laden with family heirlooms will make you more emotional, than the others. It’s better to start packing other rooms with less sentimental items first and save the best for last. While moving a senior it’s important to downsize and reduce the items taken along especially if they are moving into an independent or assisted living situation. Getting permission from your loved one to remove or give away items can make a later transition easier.

4. Setting Aside Sentimental Items: When the movers are packing your goods, you can set aside items like a set of clothes and toiletries or a framed photo that is very important for your elderly relative or parents. This can help them feel more comfortable when they arrive at their new home or apartment.

Lastly, a moving company may make the whole transition easier. This way you’ll be able to take your loved one out of their home while the movers pack up the truck. Many professional companies specialize in assisting seniors and having mentioning this type of move will help them with special preparations ahead of time.

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