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Anyone with experience in relocations knows that moving is not something you can do easily. More importantly, every relocation has its own twist, making it more difficult, or easier, for the person moving. Today, we talk about decluttering before moving to Long Island City. Decluttering is one of the most important parts of the moving process, as it dictates the speed you go through later. Even if you plan on hiring Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, decluttering is going to speed up your entire relocation process.

For example, getting rid of the items you do not need will lower your moving expenses, and ensure you have fewer items to pack. More importantly, the more you declutter, the neater the home will be. This will translate into a smoother process of packing. One thing is certain, decluttering your household before moving is surely going to make the moving process easier.

Decluttering before moving to Long Island City – Where to start and what to do?

The process of moving can experience various changes throughout the years. However, one thing will always remain the same. Decluttering is the best way to start the process. More importantly, the benefits of decluttering your home are so beneficial that you will need a very good reason not to do it before moving.

We can say with certainty that, the decluttering process, is one of the key parts of the relocation that plays a vital role in its smoothness of it. Because, logically, you want to make this as smooth as possible, it is crucial that you understand the importance of such a process. Although you might get a grasp of it reading this; We are going to dive deeper into the process and guide you through it one step at a time. Once you understand the process, you can find ways to make it as efficient as possible.

Make sure you have all the time you need

Regardless of the size of your home, decluttering will take time. Why you might ask? Some of the main reasons are:

  • Decluttering will require equal attention to each room of the home
  • The more time you have, the better you will declutter
  • Because packing takes the most time, decluttering can help reduce it
  • Aside from packing, proper decluttering helps with cleaning the home as well
a couple happily relaxing on their couch while taking a break from decluttering before moving to Long Island City
Just because there is work that you need to do does not mean that you have to spend every second working on it; Plan your free time accordingly

Although your Long Island City movers cannot help you declutter, they can help you pack. So, if you hire packing services from a moving company, decluttering before they arrive is crucial. In essence, the more you declutter, the easier the entire relocation process is going to be for you. Therefore, it is very important that you set aside a good amount of time for this part of the process. The sooner you start to do this, the more time you will have for other things.

Setting aside an essentials box

The essentials box is another important thing to think about when moving. Namely, this box or bag will be your biggest ally while on the road or spending the first night in your new home. Because it is nearly impossible to unpack everything on your first day in your new home, the essentials bag helps you ensure you have everything you need.

two elderly women packing items into a single cardboard box that is for the essentials
The essentials box should contain all of the items, from your entire household, that will be used while on the road, or the first night in your new home

As you declutter, you should set aside all of the items that you will need while on the road. Hence, this will prevent you from throwing something that you might need. Things like hygiene products, spare clothes, food and beverages, and important documents and electronics are just some of the things you should place in the essentials box. Packing, or separating the items you will need while moving is a part of decluttering before moving to Long Island City because it helps you think every item through.

Decluttering before moving to Long Island City means having to separate your items

To declutter is to determine “the faith” of those items. Essentially, the three main things you can do with the items you declutter are to sell them, donate them, or throw them away. So, aside from the essentials box, you will need to separate three more boxes. To make sure you do not get confused, we advise you to label the boxes right away.

a couple having fun while making label for cardboard boxes
Whether you want to sell, donate, or throw away, separating each item into a different box is the best way to approach this

Next, simply place each time into an according box. All of the items that are in good shape, but not something you will use, can be donated to those in need. Moreover, if you find items that are in impeccable shape, you can sell them. Selling items can help you reduce the expenses you have in regards to moving. Moreover, if you decide to place those items in a storage facility NYC, for example, you need to ensure that you do not mix the items up.

The room-by-room method

Instead of going frantically around your home and creating a mess with everything; it is best that you bring order into the process. One of the best ways to ensure decluttering before moving to Long Island City goes smoothly is by utilizing the room-by-room method. Whether de-cluttering or packing with movers Queens, approaching this in an organized manner is very important.

The room-by-room method allows you to focus on a single room at a time. Firstly, it allows you to keep your focus on one room at a time. Secondly, by doing so, you can always exit the room, into a cleaner room, and rest. Having mess all around the house means not being able to escape it. The room-by-room method prevents that from happening. A mess can induce more stress. More importantly, it can slow you down while moving.

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