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Packing Tips

Tips for Packing

If you choose to pack your belongings yourself, organization and planning will make the process easier.

Before you even begin, consider donating or recycling old clothes, outgrown toys, and other unneeded or unused items. Take this opportunity to decide what is really worth making the move. Sorting through your stuff before the move will save you money and time. Best of all, since you have already gotten rid of clutter before moving, you will have more space at your new location and unpacking will go quicker.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Make a moving list whether it is for commercial or residential move.
  • Get plenty of moving boxes and supplies to make the move easier.
  • Utilize moving wardrobe boxes for moving all sorts of clothing items and dresses safely.
  • Use colored markers on each box or simply apply colored stickers to keep all things in order.
  • Keep like items together as it will help you identify stored items at the new destination.
  • Pack all items and belongings before the moving day to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Create a moving out kit of basic cleaning supplies and rags regarding cleaning of the place that you are leaving.
  • Put clothing and soft items, such as towels and bedding into any duffle bags, so that you can remember them easily at the new destination.
  • Keep your valuable items and possessions that are costly, precious, breakable and antique with you.
  • Keep all of your important and personal papers with you. Don’t mix them with other household items!
  • Have every family member use individual bright or pastel colored storage boxes to avoid any identification problem at the new destination.

Our Packing Service

Ben Hur offers full packing and unpacking services for most of your belongings as well as partial packing and unpacking services for electrical equipment, lamps, artwork, and breakables. Your Ben Hur moving consultant can discuss your packing needs and the advantages of having us help you pack. You always have the option of packing your own belongings. However, remember that if you do your own packing, we are only responsible for damage to an item if it is clearly due to negligence in handling.