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Moving Day Advice

Moving Day

A Ben Hur foreman supervises your move directly. Your foreman is your personal contact on the day of the move; so, feel free to ask if you have any questions or last-minute requests. The foreman coordinates the work of the other movers and makes sure your moving agreement is fulfilled smoothly and professionally.

Before the move gets started, make sure you receive copies of the order for service and the bill of lading. Make sure the movers have clear directions to their destinations with any special instructions.

Once your Ben Hur team has arrived at your new location, tell the movers where you would like them to unload your things. When planning your move with your Ben Hur moving consultant, you might prepare a floor plan to make unpacking easier. If you have one, give a copy to the foreman. Planning where you will place your furniture and boxes ahead of time will make unloading and unpacking much easier. This saves time and makes getting settled in your new location much easier.

When your move is completed, your foreman will give you a form to evaluate the performance of your Ben Hur moving team. Your honest feedback is very important to us. We value our clients and want to give the best moving services in NYC. Please complete and return the form and let us know how we can help you in the future.

After the Move

We wish you wonderful new beginnings at your new place. Moving day is only the beginning of your new adventure. It can take a while to unpack and get comfortable in your new home. Remember to look into the following after you’ve had a chance to get settled:

  • Locate hospitals, police stations, and fire stations.
  • Get your mail forwarded through the post office.
  • Find your local stores and know which ones can meet your needs.
  • Call the Department of Sanitation to set up trash or a recycling program.
  • Make sure to change your address on your license.
  • Register to vote in your new location.
  • Find new care providers (doctors, dentist, veterinarians).
  • Check on cable TV service and internet
  • Transfer your insurance polices and check coverage.

Moving can be stressful. Watch for its effects on family members and pets. Although stress cannot be completely avoided, a well-planned move will let you settle in to your new home faster and be able to enjoy it more. Let our NYC moving experts at Ben Hur take care of your moving day so you can think about your new home and new life after the move.