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Getting Ready to Move

Preparing to Move

Once you learn you will be moving, the first thing you need to do is figure out your moving needs. Things to consider are: items to be moved, packing materials or boxes needed, items to be dismantled and reassembled, and special services such as moving a piano or special care for artwork. You will also need to take into account if the move is local or long-distance.

Next, call Ben Hur and a few other moving companies for written estimates. If your home has more than one bedroom, ask for a free, on-site estimate. Verify what services are covered in the quoted estimate, and make sure that they are adequate for your needs. Ask if they offer any way to protect your property during the move and find out if pickup and delivery dates are guaranteed.

Speak with your building manager or supervisor at your current residence and future residence to see if there are any special requirements or restrictions that will affect your move, such security permissions or hour limitations. Share this information with your Ben Hur relocation consultant. If your building manager requests a “certificate of insurance,” send us the request form and we will take care of it. The certificate protects the building against liability for damage.

As soon as possible, reserve a moving day with your Ben Hur relocation consultant. If you are uncertain about the exact moving date, we can reserve a tentative moving date until your plans are finalized. A few days before your move, call Ben Hur Moving and Storage to confirm your arrangements.
Finally, make separate arrangements for moving and transporting plants and pets.

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