Ben Hur Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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    We are continuing to actively monitor COVID-19 and are taking all reasonable and precautionary measures. Currently, our position is to continue operating where possible with the addition of the prudent steps as recommended by the CDC.

    1. We introduced additional cleaning and sanitization of our trucks, facilities and offices over the past 2 months and have been strengthening it over the past weeks.
    2. Our workers are being provided with gloves, hand-sanitizer and all necessary cleaning and disinfectant supplies.
    3. All our movers, drivers, and facility workers are wearing masks while at work. We urge all our customers to wear masks as well.
    4. We keep social distancing and have instructed employees to keep on offering friendly greetings to customers without shaking hands or coming in physical contact.
    5. We continue our citywide friendly approach to all our customers.
    6. We are following CDC guidelines as far as working from home and/or employees’ absence due to sickness or due to family hardship.
    7. Moving could be a highly necessary service at these complex times. Ben Hur is here to help you with your Moving & Storage needs while keeping maximum effort to keep your and your belongings safe.
    8. By following CDC guidelines and taking extra cleaning precautions, the health and safety of our employees and customers is protected while we continue to serve New Yorkers who need moving services to maintain their daily essential needs.

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