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Relocating an office (or an entire business) is a big job. Often, the planning starts weeks in advance of the actual move date. Office managers need to consider everything from the IT infrastructure, to the individual desks, to any large equipment or technologies making the trip. There are a lot of moving parts and often, office moves need to be done in phases to accommodate everything.

The problem with handling a move in phases is that it happens over a period of time that you might not be able to accommodate. For example, if your office space lease ends on the 15th and your new one starts on the 1st, you’ve got 15 days to get your entire workplace moved. It may seem like a long time, but it can take weeks before many companies are up and running again. Often, they have even less time than this—just a few days to orchestrate a complete relocation.

So, what’s the solution? Instead of paying two leases or fines for going over their lease, many companies make a more cost-effective investment in business storage.

What is business storage?

Like self-storage, business storage is simply a space for companies to stow things that need a safe place during a move (or after a move). Business storage is typically tailored around the needs of businesses, which means larger spaces at more affordable rates, with special storage conditions for assets like IT equipment or documents. Some business storage facilities even have office workspaces, so a company has an intermediate space to work from while they transition to a new workplace.

Why invest in business storage?

Business storage costs money and the fees can rack up fast if your business is large or has special accommodation requirements. So why would a company choose to add more costs onto the move?

As mentioned above, business storage is often much less expensive than paying for two leases—especially if you’re forced to pay an entire month’s rent for going over your leave date. If your old lease was $5,500 per month and your new lease is $7,500 per month, paying $2,500 for a month of business storage is just a smart business decision!

The cost of storage isn’t the only driver of savings that pushes businesses to rely on storage during a relocation. Take a look at some of the benefits of investing in business shortage in both the short- and long-term:

  • Secure, safe storage for tangible business assets (copy machines, computers, etc.)
  • Easier to track and execute different phases of a move from storage
  • No rush to get each phase of the move settled, leading to an easier transition
  • Easier to make decisions about where things go without everything on-site all at once
  • Gives employees time to set up things like workstations or IT infrastructure

Many businesses also find that they can use business storage over the long-term. They might have documents taking up precious real estate that might fare better in storage or outdated equipment that’s no longer used but still valuable. Storage provides a convenient solution for assets that might not have a place in your new facilities, but still have a place within the company.

How to find business storage

As mentioned, business storage is different from self-storage. That means you shouldn’t be looking for storage lockers or drive-up storage when you’re moving business assets. Instead, look specifically for “business storage” providers. Here’s what you should expect to find from reputable business storage providers:

  • Indoor storage units or full storage facilities
  • Access control or on-site facilities staff
  • Large spaces that are paved and finished
  • Options for climate-controlled storage units
  • Amenities like Wi-Fi, workspaces or package delivery

Not every business storage provider will offer these amenities, but the more offered, the better. Above all, look for a storage provider that has a good reputation and references from other businesses who have used them in the past.

Start looking for business storage early

Because business moves are protracted, phased projects, it’s best to start looking for business storage as far in advance of a moving date as possible. Ideally, you’ll find a storage solution as soon as you sign the lease, so you can begin moving out of your current office before that lease ends. At worst, secure a storage space a couple of weeks before the move date and relocate as much non-essential equipment as possible up to the move date.

Finally, be sure to ask questions. Every business is different and has different needs. Find a business storage facility that strives to be flexible and help you meet those needs. Many times, it’s worth the cost of renting storage space for a month or two—or even longer. The benefits and value of business storage pay for themselves in convenience, practicality and peace of mind.

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