Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident

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    After you’ve decided to move to Brooklyn, you would like to get out and have a nice treat. But where? You are not sure where, since there are plenty of restaurants around. Our moving helpers NYC would like to help you find the best Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident. We did this so you don’t have to spend a bunch of money exploring on your own. Nowadays people will mostly look at online reviews, but we’re from New York, so we can tell you this firsthand. Let’s see what are the best restaurants in Brooklyn where you can taste the most delicious dishes. Let’s dive in!

    Best steak house restaurants to visit in Brooklyn

    Here we’ll provide you with some of the best restaurants that we found in Brooklyn. We as one of the most experienced local moving and storage Brooklyn companies will advise you where to go and what to try.

    DeStefano’s Steakhouse Brooklyn – one of the best Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident

    Located in Williamsburg Brooklyn this is one of the old fashion steak houses. It’s got everything that reminds you of Brooklyn’s old family photos of the DeStefano family. Also, it’s got that Brooklyn arts and music vibe. You’ll also see a lot of church values and traditions. They are hospitable and they have faith in a good family. Food isn’t expensive and thus it’s quite affordable. You can start with their famous crab cake or bundle of fresh asparagus wrapped in bacon. Now for the main course, they have Filet Mignon 12oz or 8oz, 24oz Bone-In Ribeye (dry aged for 28 days), Lamb Chops w/ Pistachio Nut Crust, and Porterhouse for two, these are some of their best steaks. Now when it comes to sides you can try their famous Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Corn infused w/ Parmesan Cheese, or Italian-style creamed cheese. Try their wines too!

    Steak with vegetables in one of the the best Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident;
    If you want to visit DeStefano’s you won’t be disappointed, the steaks are great and the staff is super friendly. Brooklyn has some of the best steak restaurants to visit after becoming a resident.

    Bordeaux Steakhouse in Brooklyn

    As a new resident in Brookly, you must visit The Loft Steakhouse

    This is a trendy steak house that provides a romantic atmosphere and an elite dining experience. The executive chef is Boris Poleschuk born and raised in Brooklyn. The meals are of Manhattan-caliber, beginning with the appetizers. One of the suggestions for appetizers is Marinated Boneless Short Rib or Baby Lamb Riblets (but this is limited). Now we’ve come for the steaks so try Prime Grilled Rib Eye, Skirt Steak, Cowboy Rib Steak, or Black Angus – Boneless Rib Eye. You have three more time-limited options Grilled Baby Lamb chops, Surprise Cut, and Roasted Duck. There is also Loft Special Cut in sesame soy marinade, accompanied by oyster mushroom, snow peas, carrots, and French fries. We also have to say that Loft Steakhouse has over 2000 reviews on Google with a 4.9-star rating which put it number one according to Google reviews.

    The best Sushi restaurants to visit in Brooklyn

    There are many Brooklyn sushi restaurants to visit after becoming a resident, most of the are located on Flatbush Ave. Our residential movers NYC will suggest some of the best sushi restaurants to visit while they are packing and relocating your belongings.

    Sushi rolls served with vegetables in one of the best Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident;
    Japanese cuisine is one the most influential in the world so if are looking for a sushi roll then Brookly is the best place for it.

    Sushi Lin is the best Japanese cuisine restaurant to visit in Brooklyn

    Sushi Lin, unfortunately, doesn’t work on Mondays other than it’s open Tuesday to Sunday from 5 PM to 10:00 PM. It’s located on 335 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn. Duo Chef Lins came up with an innovative idea at Sushi Lin. They are using special seafood from Tsukiji Market, Japan, and other countries around the world. The point of all of this is to increase the omakase experience by focusing on freshness, flavor, and texture. Blue Ribbon, Gaijin & 15 East were some of the high-end restaurants where the Lins perfected their culinary techniques. The entire omakase menu includes four entrees one of which is a sashimi dish, one hand roll, nine pieces of sushi, and a dessert. If you want to try something special try salmon with torched tomato! Also if you want to visit this place you have to book in advance since it’s mostly booked from Tuesday to Sunday.

    Ki sushi is another great sushi restaurant in Brooklyn

    Ki sushi restaurant is one the greatest with a lot of special rolls. Here you can try authentic Japanese dishes like the Spicy Tuna Roll or the famous Chicken Katsu Lunch Box, as well as Salmon Don is available at this restaurant. Our local movers Brooklyn can tell you at the environment is friendly and the staff is nice.  This restaurant also earned a Micheline guide recommendation back in 2016, but we can assure you that the service and food qualities haven’t changed.  Here you can find a lot of vegan options so it’s a great choice if you like this type of food. Also, they have one of the best miso soups and a fantastic variety of salads. Fish can be ordered either raw or cooked also a lot of different types of fish. The best main course is omakase which includes:

    • Toro
    • Barracuda
    • Torched toro
    • Uni
    • Red snapper
    • Eel
    • Horse mackerel
    • Amberjack
    • Scallop
    • King salmon
    A close up of a salmon sushi roll;
    If you’re looking for the perfect taste of sushi in Brookly come and visit Ki sushi. Other restaurants are great as well but Ki sushi has great salmon sushi.

    Visit Japanese restaurant Bozu after becoming a resident of Brooklyn

    So you’ve moved to Brookly and are looking for good sushi, so come to Bozu! After the hard work of unpacking and cleaning your self storage NYC unit, you can rest assured that this is the right place.  This place has both indoor and outdoor dining areas, so it’s perfect for any time of the year. This isn’t an average Japanese restaurant it’s Japanese Tapas. If you would like to eat, many people recommend Pork Betty, that’s a thinly sliced pork belly with cilantro and wasabi. If you want t try their signature then you’ll have to try Bombs, that’s how the restaurant became popular in the first place. Some of the best are Yellowtail Toro Bomb, Salmon Toro Aburi Bomb, Mc. Low Bomb and Spicy Mc. Bomb. You’ll have to try Uni and Wild Salmon Roll they are amazing. This is one of the best Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident and it works every day from 6 PM to 12:00 AM.

    The best hamburger places to visit in Brooklyn

    If you can’t come up with the reason to you should move to Brooklyn in 2022 then cheaper rent and the best burgers must be one of them. Brookly is famous for some of the best hamburgers across the whole of New York City. Brooklyn is a good neighborhood especially because it has a great public transportation system so if you have to travel it’s quite fast and convenient. Now let’s see what secret hamburger restaurants are hidden in Brookly. Let’s dive in!

    A photo of a juicy burger;
    We’ll share with you the best Brooklyn burger restaurants to visit after becoming a resident. There are also many vegan and vegetarian options nowadays!

    Caraotas the Venezuelan burger

    Our professional movers Bushwick would highly recommend this restaurant, it has 4.8stars  on Google reviews. This is a combination of American and Venezuelan cuisines. The food has a lot of exotic fruits and vegetables which make it different from other restaurants. Also, portion sizes are generous and prices are okay too. When it comes to burgers you can try Carne Mechada Burger, Venezuelan, or Brooklyn Burger. For vegans, there are many options including the Impossible burger. They are famous for their bowls and you can make your own, but if you want to go with a safe option there is a Shredded Beef Bowl and it goes great with chipotle sauce. Trust us it’s okay for 2 people or 2 meals. There is also their signature Pabellon Criollo Bowl which is similar to a beef bowl but it’s different in a way.

    The Stuy Burgers is a Brooklyn restaurant that you should visit after becoming a resident

    If you want authentic American cuisine then come to one of the best Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident – Stuy Burgers. Burgers are quite delicious and some of them have interesting names for them like The Advisory or The Gallery, but the most important part is that the taste doesn’t disappoint. You can try their signature The Bed-Stuy which includes Beef Burger, Cheddar Cheese, Toasted Brioche, Sauteed Onions, Mushrooms, Lettuce, Tomato, and Truffle Mayo. This may not be the best place to stop by if you want to keep your six-pack this summer.  But it’s the place worth checking.  They have also grilled chicken The Halsey and a salmon burger called The Gallery which is fantastic. They also serve a great Teriyaki Marinated Beef Burger called The Asian which is super juicy. If you’re looking for a vegetarian there is The Caprese Italian which includes Impossible Burger, Toasted Pesto Brioche, Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Fried Shallots, and Pesto Sauce.

    Fries and burgers on a plate:
    All of the restaurants that we’ve presented to you have their own “secret recipe” and are all handmade. These are just our suggestions based on our own experience and on reviews.

    Skinflints is a restaurant in Brooklyn that you must visit

    Our Borough Park movers will share every detail about this traditional restaurant. It’s a beautiful restaurant with simple food yet delicious food and a simple menu. All burgers are made of 8oz charbroiled fresh ground beef and they come in English muffins with pickles and French fries. Tomatoes and lettuce are on request and for $1 extra you can add bacon. If you are a fan of ribs then this is a perfect place for you so try 1/2 Rack BBQ Ribs and for the appetizer try Shrimp Cocktails. Now there is also an excellent chili burger if you’re looking for something spicey. Prices in this restaurant are quite reasonable and especially at this time when inflation is kicking in and all the prices are going up. When it comes to desserts they have chocolate mousse pie which is soft and chocolatey.

    The conclusion

    This was just a fraction of the best Brooklyn restaurants to visit after becoming a resident. If you’re commuting this is a great place to move to because it’s cheaper than the rest of New York but it’s also well connected with the rest of the city. We hope that we helped you to narrow down your restaurant choices by at least a bit. Before you start looking for food across Brooklyn just bear in mind that there are 40,292 restaurants. That means that if you wanted to have dinner every night in another restaurant it would take you over 110 years to visit every place in Brooklyn. Have a great move and if you need any help contact us!

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