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Having to undergo a business relocation in the Bronx is not the easiest thing in the world. There are so many factors that can influence it, you will most likely need some professional help handling it all. It may be in your best interests to hire one of the best commercial movers Bronx has if you want to make the most out of your relocation. Luckily, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC are experts in the area and can help you achieve a smooth transition. We have relocated numerous successful businesses to this day, and we would love to help you achieve the same. Contact us today, let us know what your needs are. And we will fulfill them to your expectations!

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We account for every little detail.

Experience a smooth business transition with the help of one of the best commercial movers Bronx has to offer – Ben Hur Moving & Storage!

Among the commercial moving companies Bronx has on offer, Ben Hur stands at the very top. The main reason why so many businesses entrust us with their relocation is the fact that we approach every single one with utmost care and reverence. Our team fully understands that you need your office moved as soon as possible but that the safety of your equipment must not be compromised. And if you want to find out more about us, and how exactly we can help you, all you need to do is get in touch with our customer support representatives! They will gladly explain how we can make your office relocation the best it can be!

We will help you conquer any challenge along the way

Our Bronx commercial movers have been honing their skills for over three decades now. There is no relocation project that we can’t manage. However, as every relocation is unique, and requires special consideration, our team will work with you to analyze the needs of your business. The size of your office, the number of items to relocate, and the measurements of your equipment, everything is going to be taken into account. Our moving services can cover almost any situation, and we can also tailor them to your specific requiremtns. To put it simply, our moving team is going to make your relocation experience the best it can be.

Our team is extremely experienced in the area

When you work with one of the finest commercial movers Bronx has to offer, you get to benefit from extremely accurate moving quotes. While we suggest that you schedule an in-office inspection before you relocate, even our free quotes showcase an amazing degree of accuracy. Get a free quote today and see for yourself! Our experience in the Bronx is what allows us to provide our customers with quotes that do not include any hidden fees or any added costs. What you see is what you get, simple as that. We’re big on honesty and transparency. That is the only way we do business, in fact.

Furthermore, our moving crews can always find the best parking spots in the Bronx, as well as navigate its crowded streets without any problems. If you entrust your relocation to Ben Hur, you can fully expect extreme reliability and efficiency.

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You can leave the packing to our professional packers!

A few other services that we offer

We would not be numbered among the best commercial moving companies in Bronx if we did not offer a full complement of services. Aside from commercial moving, we can also offer:

Most of the time, we can offer special deals if you combine several of our moving packages. We want to be your “one-stop-shop” for everything that concerns moving, after all. You can freely let us handle the relocation of some of your employees, and benefit from the lower package deals.

Additional services

Aside from our “main” moving services, we also offer a variety of additional services to our clients. We can help you with:

  • Unwanted items disposal
  • Custom crating
  • Electronic equipment/appliances installation
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly

But even that is not the full extent of Ben Hur’s capabilities. As a full-service moving company, we have the resources to deal with almost any task that the relocation might require. Feel free to get in touch with us directly if you have any doubts about the process. Our team will find an ideal solution and set your mind at ease.

Our commercial movers Bronx will present you with a comprehensive moving plan

Everything starts with a good plan. That is why we employ some of the top office movers Bronx has, individuals that are capable of creating a perfect solution for any business type. They will work with you to create a moving plan that is going to make your relocation as convenient and efficient as it possibly can be. Once the plan is formed, our moving crews take their time to learn exactly what is their part in the whole process. It is our philosophy to always come prepared, as that provides our clients with a quick and efficient relocation process.

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Every successful relocation starts with a good plan.

A few Bronx statistics

As a suburb of the city of New York, the Bronx is one of the best places to do business. With a population of almost 1,5 million and a median household income of about $40,100, there are plenty of commercial opportunities. More and more people flock to the area, mainly due to the “affordable” home prices. The average home value in the Bronx is around $405,000, quite lower than in most other parts of NYC. This means that the cost of setting up your business is nowhere near as high as in some other boroughs.

Get in touch with us for an efficient, safe, commercial relocation!

And if you want to ensure that your office relocation is as smooth, efficient, and safe as it can possibly be, all you need to do is get in touch with one of the best commercial movers Bronx has to offer – Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC! Our team will help you transition your business without a second wasted! Contact us today and worry about your relocation no more!

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