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    It doesn’t matter what kind of relocation you need. There is one thing that is always certain. Moving, whether local, long-distance, or interstate is never easy. Likewise, both residential and commercial moving endeavors are events that require a lot of special assistance. The problem with moving assistance is that it happens to be out of some people’s reach. But still, there are plenty of options out there. Luckily, with Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, you won’t have to worry about such things. We are a licensed and insured moving professional that offers competitive prices and high-quality moving services. With our movers Bronx, you won’t have a problem moving your items from point A to point B. Certain things that may look like a problem will be resolved with maximum care. We will gladly help you settle into your new location safely and at a price that you will be able to afford. Give us a call to request a commitment-free moving quote and enjoy having our team by your side.

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    Move out of the Bronx to any other part of NYC with ease and simplicity.

    Why are our movers Bronx one of the best options that you can choose?

    When searching for a reliable and professional moving company, such as moving companies Bronx, it’s all about quality. And if you are thinking about how to choose the right one, play it smart and you will make no mistake. Because moving is a process that entails a lot of help. When searching for the best moving services in NYC, it is in your best interest to consider the companies with the most experience in the area. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving by yourself, with a family of five, or with a dozen of friends to back you up – you still need the help of a true moving professional. Luckily for you, you’ve just found one, as we here at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC report for duty. Our company can provide you with different moving and storage Bronx services, all of which have the potential to turn your move into a smooth endeavor.

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    Only one phone call separates you from getting the full package from our moving agency.

    In addition to the above, also we are a company with a long tradition. In business since 1991, the thing which represents us is our happy and satisfied customers. They have one thing in common-they are always coming back to us. After all these years, we mutually became family.

    Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC will be your number one moving ally

    While we pride ourselves on our ability to help you move to, from, or in the Bronx with ease. And, we are also equally proud of our other moving and storage Bronx services. Our movers Bronx professionals are very specific during its execution. One of the things which separate us from the competition is our unique methods.

    luggage ready for packing
    You will be astonished by packing and unpacking, as well as by other multiple services that our company with long tradition has to offer you.
    • Commercial movers in NYC – with successful relocation of your office to another neighborhood or new city, you will be able to improve your business and attract more customers
    • Local movers in NYC – you and your family will be able to count on moving house without fear and risking prolonged deadlines for the upcoming relocation
    • Residential movers in NYC – no matter the size of the house, all clients are going the have the same, specific treatment because every individual matter
    • Self Service Moving – you can opt between moving on your own or you can let the professionals guide you while doing their job without mistakes
    • Storage Services – count on the best climate-controlled, safe, and clean options
    • Packing and unpacking – for ultimate convenience

    There is a reason why our beloved clients keep using our services

    As you saw there are a lot of services that our movers Bronx have to offer. Every one of them is specific and affordable. First of all, there is a rare chance you are going to find somewhere else the possibility to use self-service moving. In this case, the costs of relocation that sometimes can be really high will be reduced to a maximum level. And our professionals will guide you through the streets and eliminate the stress of parking. On the other hand, if you use our storage options, you will enable the most perfect conditions. And that for all the things you require.

    Would you feel the need to stress and worry if you had a reliable moving professional by your side? They would gladly take care of the most complicated relocation tasks. We believe that such a move is precisely what you need and deserve. The good news is that you can get it, even without having to spend your days on the search for the best moving companies Bronx currently has. You have an experienced, reliable, and devoted moving company in front of you.

    Work with some of the most equipped movers Bronx has to offer

    There are two segments that play a role in the overall success of any moving endeavor – the expertise of the movers and the equipment that they use. Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC paid special attention to the quality of our Bronx movers. Thus, all of our movers possess a background in the relocation industry, and they have gone through the necessary training. Likewise, our movers possess a high level of professionalism that is needed for providing you with an efficient move. And as a reputable moving company that has managed to find such movers, we’ve also wanted to provide them with high-quality moving equipment.

    movers Bronx team
    We think of ourselves as your partners, and we won’t let you down.

    Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC is in possession of a fleet of moving trucks that are modern and spacious. We regularly maintain our vehicles as we need them to be in optimal working condition. It’s only then that we can provide you with a move worthy of your team. Bear in mind that our team will also come to your property carrying the necessary moving straps, dollies, and furniture sliders. In case you opt for packing and unpacking services, we will also arrive with the appropriate packing supplies. Our company has got you covered every step of the way.

    Utilize our moving and storage Bronx services at cost-effective prices

    The problems associated with relocation are numerous. However, apart from all the moving tasks that await, people seem to be the most troubled by the steep prices. Before moving, it’s very important to predict every single detail. You must calculate your budget in advance. There are a lot of elements you will have to take into account, The distance between the city you are moving from to the town you are moving to is just the first step. Or even if you are moving to another country can influence the cost of relocation to arise. The number of your belongings, pets, and people who will take care of the relocation should be also taken into consideration. The situation can be extra tricky if you are doing the commercial moving. Don’t forget that during that period you will not have your regular income.

    But, the good thing is once you hire our company for the job, you won’t need to have such worries. We put various moving and storage services at your disposal, and we do so at an affordable price. Bear in mind that it’s in our best interest to give you an accurate moving estimate. After all, we’ve worked so hard on building our reputation, and we don’t want to fail you now.

    Get the support you need with our efficient moving team in the Bronx

    This might not be your first relocation ever. However, no matter how competent and experienced you might feel, the truth is that you will need the help of professional moving companies Bronx recommends – or at least one of them.

    Two men moving the furniture through the door
    With one of the top moving companies Bronx at your full disposal, you will never feel alone and dissatisfied.

    With Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, you won’t have to struggle through a single task by yourself. From loading your items into the moving truck to disassembling some of your furniture pieces, our Bronx moving team won’t hesitate to give a helping hand. Apart from being true professionals, our movers are also good and friendly people. Most importantly, they all love what they do. After all, helping people turn over a new leaf is always rewarding. That’s precisely what our movers do.

    By using the help of movers Bronx you will feel the magic of this part of the New York City

    The Bronx area, one of the most famous parts of New York City, is located in the northern part of the town. If you want to move here, our moving companies Bronx can surely help you. One thing is not unquestionable – you are definitely not going to regret it. Firstly, it’s an area of almost one million and five hundred citizens. While passing the streets, you will be able to feel and see the mixture of different cultures. It’s for sure one of the most diverse areas in the United States of America.

    Stairs in Bronx, NYC
    There are endless possibilities in the Bronx.

    This neighborhood is not like the rest of ones in the New York City. With a total area of 57 square miles, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent Bronx River.

    Let’s find out some interesting things about this area

    Even though you thought Manhattan’s Central Park is the biggest one in NYC, that’s not the case. Pelham Bay Park, on the other hand, is more than three times bigger than Central Park. The Bronx has multiple parks and open space areas. The scenic park, which hugs the Long Island Sound, has a beachfront, bridal pathways, and multiple hiking trails. Those areas can be a perfect solution to spend the rest of the day after hard work. also, did you know that the Bronx is home to the country’s largest urban zoo? It’s opened in 1989. And today there live more than almost 4,000 animals. And all of them live in realistic environments. If you are a nature lover, we have a perfect spot for you. The New York Botanical Garden is located here. And there you can find more than one million different plants! It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of tropical or desert ones, you will find everything.

    And if you are a fan of art, you are in the right place. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is a world-renowned cultural institution that hosts cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions and educational programs. City Island Nautical Museum, Universal Hip Hop Museum, Museum of Bronx History, and Historical Society are also found in this area. Lastly, the Bronx is also one of the best areas in the city to start a business in. There are numerous reasons to move your business to Bronx, including lower costs, easier commutes, and a large customer base.

    What costs of living can you expect in the Bronx?

    Luckily, when you compare it to the rest of NYC, you will realize you are on the right track. The Bronx is renowned as the cheapest borough in New York City, with average property prices about $200,000 lower than the city’s average. Here you can find a lot of safe and cheap neighborhoods. In addition, the Bronx’s total cost of living is 15% cheaper than the city’s average.

    Contact Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC and be on your way to moving success

    Don’t let all the unsuccessful moving stories discourage you. Relocation can be a beautiful and stress-free event once you find the right movers Bronx for your unique situation. By contacting Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, you will be getting trained, equipped, and experienced movers. Moreover, you would be getting a company that offers high-quality services at cost-effective prices which are going to turn your relocation into a joyful event. Thus, feel free to give us a call and request a non-obligatory moving estimate in order for us to start planning your move.


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