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One of the reasons young couples choose the Bronx to live in, if not the most important, is its affordability. Residing in the Bronx is living in New York at a lower price. For a young couple starting their life together, this is a big deal and a major head start. This is supported by the data from 2017 that the population of the Bronx borough grew the fastest that year. The other equally important reason is the proximity to Manhattan, the very heart of NYC. That is highly important considering a large number of Bronx residents commute daily to Manhattan. Our Bronx moving guide for young couples aims to highlight a few crucial steps and ease your relocation. Withal, we offer concrete help and our moving services. In case you need a reliable and experienced mover, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC is the right choice.

Our Bronx moving guide for young couples can help you avoid some rookie mistakes

Moving in together is exciting for young couples, but it can be just as stressful. Statistics say that about 14% of couples split up during their first year of living together. However, don’t let this scare you, because half of the couples end up at the altar by the end of their fifth anniversary. When starting a life together, it is important to clarify things. Be honest and open about your needs, habits, and expectations. Setting things straight at the beginning will save you from future headaches. Agree in advance on money issues, and coexistence in a common space. Also, make a detailed plan about your moving to the Bronx, which can be a real challenge for a relationship.

two people talking about Bronx moving guide for young couples moving in together
Prepare well for life as a couple.

When you settle in and unpack, commit to each other, and indulge yourself and your partner. Get tickets to a Yankees game, or visit Edgar Alan Poe Cottage in Poe Park. That’s how you’ll start your life together in the Bronx in the most beautiful way, bonding with each other and the city.

Do your research on Bronx neighborhoods

This might be an essential decision for a young couple moving to the Bronx. And depends on their lifestyle and plans, but also on their finances, of course. Regardless of the infamous past and reputation, the Bronx has several decent and very much desirable neighborhoods. Riverdale is a very attractive area since is one of the safest. Moreover, it is only half an hour away from Manhattan by subway. Another popular neighborhood among renters is Fordham. It’s a perfect zone for renting if you’re a young couple studying at Fordham University. Not as safe as Riverdale though. We have to mention Melrose, downtown of Bronx, as a very nice district. During the past ten years, Melrose got thousands of residential objects and affordable buildings. That contributed to its popularity and attracted new residents. Whichever neighborhood you choose our local movers Bronx will handle your relocation professionally and with care.

The building of Fordham University in the Bronx
Fordham neighborhood is one of the popular ones.

Take your time to find the perfect apartment

We assume that you and your partner have already agreed on the details of the size of the apartment and the price you are willing to pay. It shouldn’t be difficult to find an apartment considering that even two-thirds of the apartments in NY are for rent. However, it is a common fact that the Bronx is the most affordable of all five boroughs in New York. This is why Bronx apartments are in high demand. The average price for a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx is $1478, while in Manhattan prices go over $4000. Numbers say it all, so don’t delay, start your search on time. Besides, have in mind that rents go up in a high-demand season. The same applies to relocation costs, so book your preferred local movers NYC timely.

Get to know the Bronx

It’s always a good idea to inform yourself about the city you’re about to move to. This time we did a little research about the Bronx for you. The Bronx was the most controversial part of the city, with the poorest neighborhoods ruled by gangs. Luckily, that times are over and the Bronx has undergone a true renaissance. Today is an example of a hasty and vibrant place welcoming newcomers from all over the world. Therefore it’s common to come across a whole neighborhood in the Bronx where Italians live, for example. Such is the case with the Belmont area, known as Bronx Little Italy. And precisely those immigrants and their traditions and cultures make it one of the most diverse places in the US. These differences relate to ethnicity and race, but also culture, art, music, food, etc.

couple taking selfi on the street
Our Bronx moving guide for young couples will help you cope with relocation issues.

Many of these newcomers moved here with the help of movers Bronx. Whose high-quality services guarantee a smooth transition to your new Bronx home. However, the better part of the relocation is up to you and your partner, to explore the streets and corners of the neighborhood.

  • Safety first, so collect important numbers of emergency services. Apart from these, find other places of interest like shopping malls, theaters, gyms, and anything else you might require.
  • Google and social networks are your best friends after you relocate with your partner. In the beginning, it will be much easier for you to find information about your new surroundings online. So follow local social media and save vital data.
  • Go for long walks with a loved one or go on a mission in search of your new favorite pizza place.

Make sure you hire a proven moving company

We underline this advice because it is crucial that you choose the right movers. Taking a risk with a shady company that offers lower prices can cost you much more later. Always pick a reliable moving company with long experience and read our Bronx moving guide for young couples. Spare yourself from additional costs and stress, and team up with the best.


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