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Why and How to Tip Movers

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Most people use the services of professional movers. It is important to treat movers’ labor with respect. Tipping is one good way to show appreciation for movers’ efforts.

If you are satisfied with the services of the movers you can show them that you have recognized and appreciated their efforts by tipping them. Moving is a tough task if done individually but professional movers reduce our trouble by helping us out with packing, delivery and installation of goods within a specified time.

Tipping is essential on the part of movers as it shows that that their services are valued. Most of the helpers are not paid enough considering the fact that their tasks involve heavy physical labor on their part.

Movers can be provided with water bottles, coffee, snacks or lunch depending on the length and hardship involved in the work. External rewards like snacks or lunch or a simple appreciation on our part can do wonders motivating them to continue doing the best they can in their services, without stopping for long breaks.

Tipping movers is not mandatory, but it is customary. In general, 15-20% tip is the typical standard for local moves.

These are some of the relevant tips that one can follow in order to tip effectively professional movers and get good services.

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