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What to Wear on the Moving Day

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When moving day comes, you want to do the best thing possible to make sure you are comfortable. The outfit that you wear when moving can make the difference between moving comfortably and slowly torturing yourself. Choosing the right clothing is an essential part of getting ready for moving day. It’ll probably be an exhausting day, so dressing right can help you get through it in comfort.

  • Here are a few necessary tips that will surely help you in picking appropriate clothing for the moving day.
  • An important consideration is the wear and tear that clothes can take during a move. If you are going to rearrange furniture in your new place or carry certain items yourself, you do not want to damage your clothes in the process. Wear clothes that you don’t mind damaging, just in case you encounter snags, wet paint, or other fabric hazards.
  • Cotton clothes are the best for a moving day. Not only is cotton very comfortable, allowing you to move as you need to when hauling furniture and lifting boxes, but it also ventilates your body, making sure you stay cool even when the sun is scorching.
  • Always prefer wearing clothing with pockets on the moving day. This is the easiest way to keep track of important items like your keys, phone and wallet.
  • When you’re moving, one of the most important things to remember is to wear protective footwear. Fully enclosed shoes will not only help protect against injury from dropped items, but they’ll also keep you from getting tripped up during the walk to and from the moving van when you’re unpacking. Tennis shoes and boots are both great choices.
  • If you’ve long hair, just tie it back. Just like loose clothes, loose hair can snag at the worst of times, or fall on your face when moving boxes or furniture.

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