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Ben Hur make New Yorkers feel at ease on their moving day. Much of the stress that comes along with the moving day can be relieved by hiring us for the job. Check out our video on the website to get the insight of our services.

Our team stays on its toes to deliver you exactly what you expect from us. Once you have hired us for the job, you can take the back seat, relax and watch us doing the work for you. In our video, you will notice that relocating your belongings from old to your new address is not the only service we offer. We take special measures and arrive at your premises with all the necessary material required for packing all of your belongings.

At the drop of a hat, our team starts packing your possessions in small and big cartons. They disassemble the items like lamps and pay attention to those belongings that need to be handled with care. Heavy items are stored in small boxes whereas big cartons are filled with belongings like clothes, pillows and bed sheets. As you can also see in our video, we pack the fragile & breakable possessions are packed with wrapping paper to make sure these are kept on the top of the cartons.

After finishing up packing job, we wrap up all your furniture and end with transferring all items safely to your home.

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