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Very Happy Customers on our moves in New York

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We helped this great customer move from our sister company, NYC Mini Storage to her new place on E 62nd Street in New York.




Move from 3625 Oxford Ave in Bronx, NY brought another great smile! 



Our move to Scarsdale ,NY has a happy smile too!

IMG_1059.JPG1 IMG_10281 IMG_10291 IMG_10301 IMG_10361 IMG_10311 IMG_10321 IMG_10401

Packing and moving a mattress  and bed at Eat 79 St in New York. IMG_77361 IMG_65781 IMG_11751 IMG_08681


Packing dishes and other items.

IMG_85521 IMG_51921 IMG_36061East 33 St in New York we show our crew packing and moving another bed.


It was a busy weekend as we also moved a lot of items at Newbold Ave in Bronx, NY.

IMG_914811 IMG_181711 IMG_27911 IMG_22101




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