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Useful Tips While Moving With An Infant

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Moving can be a stressful undertaking as there are a multitude of things to worry about. But moving with an infant is outright challenging. Moving is as stressful for children as it is for adults and this stress can cause some big sleep problems for your baby or toddler. Hence, it is necessary for you to manage your move to ensure that your baby is comfortable and relaxed during the move. The key to a successful move is planning. The more you prepare and plan before the first box is packed, the easier and less stressful your move will be.

Here are some tips for staying organized while moving with an infant:

Schedule the move: Set up a master calendar for the move. This will allow you to keep a track of how much time you have. You will be able to determine which days you and your partner will be doing the packing and label accordingly. Splitting up responsibilities will make packing more manageable. Also, hire reliable movers that can make the task of moving easy and hassle free.

Find a babysitter: Trying to move without someone to watch your little one is extremely dangerous. You’ll need child care coverage that enables you to pack, move, and unpack. So, whether you have family or friends who can help you or need to hire a babysitter, have someone watch your child on moving days and as much as possible on the days leading up to the move, so you have some uninterrupted time to finish packing.

Keep the essentials at hand: Put together a baby travel suitcase with all the essential items, like favorite toy, first-aid kit, diaper bag items and a week’s worth of clothes, that you will need while moving from one place to another. Also, pack a box of easily accessible cleaning supplies so that you can clean an area in the new house for your child to either lay, roll, crawl or walk.

Carry lots of eatables: Keep food and drinks readily available for you and your child. While getting all your packing supplies, purchase things like energy bars, sandwiches, chips, canned food and lots of water and drinks. Keep all these things with you while packing and moving so that anyone can get something more substantial without a lot of prep time.

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