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Types of Moving and Packing Boxes

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Packing boxes are the most necessary items to ensure safe and proper delivery of goods. All types of commodities such as electronic goods, furniture, plastic containers, household items and so forth are packed with the use of different types of materials for safe transit and durability.

Due to their wide usage, packing boxes are available in a wide variety. It is important to choose the boxes according to the type of goods to be packed and protected. Here are some of the most widely used types of packing boxes:

Cardboard Boxes: These boxes are less expensive and are also available in plenty. Finding cardboard boxes is very easy as there are used by most companies and office establishments for different purposes. They are very secure for carrying items and do not get damaged even under pressure which makes them ideal for all your moving purposes. Nowadays, corrugated fiber board is used to manufacture cardboard boxes which make them even stronger.

Plastic Boxes: Plastic boxes are comparatively expensive than cardboard boxes if you purchasing it. They are widely used because of their lightweight. Plastic boxes are available are in different shapes and sizes to suit different items. Plastic is non-reactive towards chemicals and high mold ability. These features make plastic boxes ideal for storing food and grocery items.

Photo and Document Storage Boxes: They have bi-folds that prolong the life of photos and other important documents by keeping them away from light and moisture. When buying this type of box, make sure that they are free from acid because they are responsible for discoloring photos.

Wardrobe Boxes: These boxes allow you to hang clothes directly in the box, preventing them from becoming wrinkled. They are designed to be used multiple times.

Custom Crates: Wooden crates can be custom built in various sizes. These crates are ideal for marble, large glass table tops, chandeliers, antiques, trophies and other large or delicate items that require extra protection.

Now you know the type of packing and moving boxes you may need to meet your requirements when moving to a new place.

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