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Type of Boxes Makes a Difference

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In today’s market, we find different boxes for all different items that we have.
Here are some of the boxes available in the market which may help you move more easily and securely.

1). Book Box – A small box. Best for storing small heavy items like books, CD’s, files and other items.

2). Miscellaneous Box- Going by its name, it stores miscellaneous things in itself like pots and pans, linens, shoes and other items.

3). Dish Pack Carton – A sturdy box which can easily withstand the rigors of transportation. Used mainly for dishes and breakables.

4). Lamp Box – Made for lamps and other tall objects. Use bubble and wadded paper to secure the objects within the box.

5). Picture/Mirror Box – Save your mirrors, pictures, paintings and other medium to large size wall hangings items by packing them in this box.

6). Electronic Box – Use this extra-large box to pack safely large electronics, ACs, and old fashion tube TVs.

7). TV Bin-Box – TV is undoubtedly one of the most precious objects you have. The TV Bin-Box will save it from possibly breaking.

8). Wardrobe Box – This allows you to hang your hanging clothes so that when you arrive at your destination your clothes are not crushed and need to be ironed or dry cleaned. Use this box to store primarily hanging clothes but also large linens like blankets and pillows, etc.

These are the major types of boxes available in the market. These cardboard moving boxes are easily available. Choose the right box for your moving needs.

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