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Tips To Plan a DIY Move Preparation

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Planning a do it yourself move? The thought of packing items onto a truck sounds tiring though, but the labor is worthwhile for all the cost cutting it brings.

DIY moving saves you a major chunk of investment, compared to people who hire professional packers to do it. Plus it’s not something, for which you need training. So try these packing tips to ease your stress.

Start Early. Never pack in a hurry, you might miss out or damage something in a bumpy truck ride. Start packing at least a month or two in advance.

Supplies. Keep a check of things you’ll need for packing like moving boxes, packing paper, tape made for moving, packing tape dispenser like the ones sold at office supply stores, black marker, huge bags to hold hardware for appliances and furniture etc.

Declutter. Donate, throw away or have a backyard sale of things you don’t need. Packing extra items requires more truck space, extra gas and additional packing supplies. If you’re moving inter-state, it might be less costly to resale a few large items before you move and buy them new once you get settled.

Right Boxes. You don’t want to damage your belongings right? Avoid using grocery boxes for packing, they crush easily. It’s more beneficial to use boxes designed for moving. They are available with all truck rental companies, moving companies and hardware stores. But before that, roughly go through your stuff to estimate how many boxes you’ll need.

Pack Non-Essential Items Early. And that would be off season clothing, books, artwork etc. Pack things you don’t use, and pack similar items together for later ease.

Essentials. Place all the immediate use items at the rear end of the truck and mark the box as “essential”. It can have anything from cleaning supplies, towels, clothing, utensils, toiletries etc. to your personal official use items.

Load Like a Pro. Take care of loading your belongings properly to avoid any damage along a bumpy ride. Use rope and straps to ensure safety. Place heavy things and large boxes on the bottom and heavy items at the front of the truck to avoid load shifts during travel.

And most importantly, a major chunk of your expenses can be avoided, with a moving company that supports your idea and offers you tips for a well orchestrated DIY moving Preparation.

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