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Tips on What You Should Know Before Your Move & Storage Arrives!

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If you are about to move from your New York apartment, then make sure that you complete tasks before your moving and storage service provider arrives: –

1. Clean Your Clutter! – Moving time is cleaning time. Get rid of not needed items before the move. Donate, give to friends, or discard it.

2. Pack your clothes properly – There are two main boxes for clothes: Linen box and Wardrobe box. The first is for folded clothes, shoes, and accessories. The later box should be used for hanging clothes and coats. You can also place some shoe boxes at the bottom.

3. Box your essentials! – Unless you are asking for full packing service, it is important that you will pack all loose items in sturdy boxes before the mover arrives to your place. Either way, it is recommended to pack all personal items yourself and mark these boxes with the room from which it came.

4. Leave your bulky furniture for the movers – Do not concern yourself with protecting or packing your bulky items and furniture. That task is the movers’ job.

Before reaching to this point, make sure that you are able to hire a reliable moving and storage provider who could customize their services according to your needs. Their reliable and known services would ensure the safety arrival of your things at your apartment!

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