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Tips for Packing your Belongings

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Packing up the belongings is one of the most dreaded parts of moving process. People fear the effect of carrying a bulky sofa down the stairs will hurt their back while trying not to cause damage to the staircase or to the sofa itself. You have to be extra careful while moving furniture from one place to another. We are here with a few tips that would help you in smoothly moving both fragile and bulky items.


You must start packing the fragile items early, giving yourself ample of time to do it in a right way. Use clean, sturdy boxes to keep such belongings. Wrap these items with bubble wrap and plenty of newspapers. Do not leave empty space in the box. Document everything inside before sealing the boxes. Use packing tape for sealing the box and label it with “Fragile” on top so that movers can handle such containers with care and load it in the truck carefully.


Start the task of moving a bulky cabinets, sofas or pianos with a measuring tape and planning. Measure all dimensions of the bulky item along with doors from where it will go outside the home. Remove all shelves, legs and extensions attached, to make it lighter and safer to move. You can also use the help of your friends or rent a large moving dolly for this task.

While hiring a moving company, NYC you can go for the one who specializes in packing up the belongings for the move.

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