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Tips for Moving your Bed

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Relocating is not easy. You need to plan carefully every stage of your move to ensure all items arrive harmless at your new address. And when it comes to moving your bed, you really need to put extra efforts to save it from any potential damage. To help you out in the same, we are here with certain tips that you can follow for moving a bed.

The first step is to disassemble the bed. It may take time If you have no knowledge about the process, consult the manufacturer or a local furniture store.

Before you start the dismantling process, remove all beddings.

After the dismantling process, wrap up all pieces separately. You can use blankets or use a mattress box for the mattress and box spring.

Ask your moving company, NYC to handle the dismantling and packing job and to handle it with care while loading and unloading.

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