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Tips for Moving with Houseplants in NY

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If you are among those who put their heart and soul in your houseplants then moving without them would be disappointing. You would be happy to know even plants can be moved from one place to another with some precautions. We are here with some tips than you can follow in relocating your plants safely.

  • Except very temperamental plants like jade plants, bonsai trees and cacti, you can transfer any plant in a breakable pot to plastic ones. In case, you are not sure whether it will survive or not, don’t take a chance.
  • It would be quite difficult to take along large plants. Don’t get upset, simply bring cuttings from these plants in your new home.
  • Wrap these cuttings in newspaper & wet moss and keep them in an unsealed bag during your journey.
  • Wrap the comparatively taller plants in plastic after adding a couple garden posts to prevent damage.
  • Make sure to poke holes in this bag so that plants can breathe.
  • For breakable pots, use towels or cushions to keep them from vibrating over bumps.
  • Place the pots in plastic bins or boxes so that these can easily get set in the truck of moving company, NYC.
  • After reaching to your new address, immediately remove the plastic and place the plants in the area where these can get the needed sunlight.
  • Place the cuttings in water immediately to root.

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