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Tips for Moving in Winter

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People feel that winter is not the right time to move but some time we simply have to move whenever we have to. The advantage of a winter move is that movers are not as busy and moving costs are lower. We are here with certain tips that would help you out in carrying a smooth winter move.

Pack Thoughtfully:
If you are planning to move cross country, keep plenty of warm clothes out, to take with you along during the journey. If you are locating across town, make sure you label the boxes carrying warm clothes and the like. You may need them for a few days until the all the items get unpacked.

Prepare for the Worst:
Don’t trust the weather forecast blindly. Ensure that you have salt and shovel at both your old and new address. Even the slightest amount of moisture can make truck ramps, slippery when it is chilly outside. So, it would be wise if you prepare yourself already.

Car Emergency Kit:
In summer, you can get immediate help on the road from emergency service or a tow truck. It is not likely to be the case in the winter. So, ensure that you and the driver of the moving company, NYC are carrying the complete vehicle emergency kit for cold weather. Sand, kitty litter or salt are also helpful if you get stuck on the road.

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