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Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

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If you are planning to relocate, finding lucrative deals on moving services can be a tough job. In order to seize a good deal, you should ideally compare the prices of various companies and should also be aware of the discounts available. One way to save if you have a tight budget is opting for a self-move. Where a moving company brings a truck to your location, leaves it for you to fill with your items, and then drives it to your new residence for you. This saves you from having to navigate difficult roads or just driving such a heavy vehicle. There are few tips you may use while renting a moving truck for a self move:

  • 1. Estimate The Size: Asking for a moving truck that is way too small may make your move a nightmare and leave you having to place items into friends cars. Typically the size of the truck will depend on how many rooms you will be moving. For instance, if you are planning to move one to two rooms’ items, you will probably require a 10-foot moving rental truck. While if you seek to move two to three room’s items, you may need a 16-foot truck. Discuss your options with your moving advisor as you may need a larger truck if a specific room has a lot of extra items.
  • 2. Book In Advance: Most of the people opt to move during summer season, which makes it tough to book moving services due to the large amount of people changing residences. Therefore, to remain on the safe side, you should ideally reserve your move at least a month in advance. If you have to make a quick move then they may be able to squeeze you in but it’s not a garunteed. The longer lead time you give a company the more specific you’ll be able to be and perhaps the lower price you’ll get.
  • 3. Membership: Some moving companies provide discounts to group members. Moving companies often check whether you are member of any group or not. You may also call up the organization to find out what partnership they have with local moving companies in order to grab the best deal. After the discount is applied, you may shop around and compare the prices in order to ensure that you have clicked the best deal. Ask if the company gives discounts to AAA or AARP members, as these are some of the most common discount memberships.
  • 4. Insurance: While renting a car with a credit card, the card issuer normally offers car rental insurance. However, this is not the case when you plan to hire the services of a moving company. As per the policies of Insurance Information Institute, your home and auto insurance policies may offer you some coverage, but you should ideally check with your insurance company to ensure you don’t require supplemental coverage. So, while hiring a moving company, you should check that the company sells insurance with various features including supplemental liability insurance, personal and cargo policies, and damage waivers.

You may find it difficult to get good deals on moving companies if you move in a hurry. Keep the above tips in mind and plan your move smartly to seize lucrative deals. So load up your things and sit back and leave the driving to the professionals.

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