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Tips for getting moving quotes

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Relocating is not an easy task and the process may give you worries about finding the right company to assist you in moving. When you finally decide to move or your relocation is confirmed one of the biggest questions you’ll probably be asking yourself is, “How much is this going to cost?” Using your friends might be cheap but depending on your moving schedule and how many items you own it may not be an option. Finding the right moving service is your best bet and getting the right price for your move can be a struggle. You will want to insure that the movers provide you the best quality services at the right price. A great starting point is to obtain moving quotes from movers for comparison. This practice will give you an estimate of how much your move is going to cost as well as giving you a firm timeline for packing. This way you can also check the quality of services that will be offered as well as reviews online. Getting moving quotes from more than one company is essential for knowing you’ve obtained the best deal and service.

Before you begin with the process of obtaining quotes, it will be better to ask around and seek referrals from friends, relatives and colleagues as word of mouth recommendations are always best. This may weed out movers with a poor service record and make your search easier. If too many people have had a bad experience then there is no use in contacting that mover for a quote.

The next step is to do an online search. Look at review websites, on Google+ pages, as well as other general searches. While you’re checking out moving companies online, make sure that you are looking for a mover that specializes in your requirements. Companies mention about their specialty areas in their advertisement including residential moves, apartment moves, long distance moves, commercial moves etc. Most will ask you to inform them of what your move is like as it gives them a better idea of how much their services will cost for you. If they don’t make sure you mention what you need as it will influence the cost greatly.

Creating a complete inventory of items that will need to be moved will help in the quote process as well as helping you organize you move. Include the number of boxes you’ll have as well as other items including all heavy furniture (couch, bed, fridge, etc.). The more precise your inventory is the more accurate the moving quote will be. Know if you want additional insurance as some movers may require it. You may get the quotes online, over the phone, or by paying a visit. Ask how each company charges. Some charge by the hour while others stick with a flat price. Beware of hidden fees and inquire about them to get numbers so you won’t get stuck with them. Get all the paperwork and information up front so you have time read through it.

Identify all of the charges you may incur depending on your move, furniture size, if they will be packing for you, etc. This way you’ll be able to really compare each quote. Ask how much is due upfront and how much is due the day of the move. Don’t forget to factor in tip! Try to get moving quotes in writing so that you have a proof of the cost. Make sure that you are aware about the terms and conditions before making a final decision.

After you have obtained sufficient moving quotations you may compare them and decide which mover is going to be the best choice for you. Factor in all the qualifications we’ve talked about and we’re sure that you’ll find the right company for you!

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